6 Emotional Needs to Consider in Relationships


6 Emotional Needs to Consider in Relationships

Emotions are a state of feeling that can make you happy, sad, and fearful when you are personally attached to someone. Emotions belong to your nervous system that comes up in various ways, where you feel love and hate for people you are strongly connected with. However, emotional behavior depends on the situation you face whether the situation is good or bad. Of course, a bad situation makes you angry and sad while a good situation makes you happy and calm. This is how emotions put an impact on your mood. No doubt emotions directly engage your mind; hence you react to the situation that is opposite to your thoughts in such a state of mind. More likely, emotions play a huge role in relationships, but they can also play a role in different situations that are not involving a person. In this article, we’ll discuss the emotional needs to consider in relationships.

Emotions are natural feeling that fully controls your mind whether how to behave in different situations. It also controls your body to some extent. Emotions are strongly linked with relationships; this is the reason you have to look at the emotional needs to consider in relationships. Every relation is based on emotions, but the relationship with your life partner is fully based on emotional needs. Let’s review some emotional needs that make your relationship strong!

1- Affection

Affection is the personal attachment and warm feeling with your loved ones. It’s all about liking and loving your life partner. Affection has different kinds, where it covers gentle behavior, a kind gesture, physical touch, and loving words to your partner. The word affection describes the love and strong bonding you have with your partner. Without affection in a relationship, love doesn’t exist. You can’t love your life partner without affection and closeness. Lack of affection can ruin your relationship, hence you stay away from your partner and keeps a distance. What should a person do in such situations? Communication is the best way to show affection. Your kind gestures and physical touch can bring back affection. This is how you can maintain your relationship with affection and strong bonding.

2- Acceptance

Acceptance is another emotional need that has to be present in every relation, especially in a husband and wife relationship. It doesn’t mean you accept each other and that’s it, your families have to accept each other as well. Other than introducing to each other families, you plan your life and make crucial decisions together. You give value to each other opinions and share dreams to live a happy life ahead. Without accepting each other, it is not possible to plan your life. If you don’t have feelings for each other, you lack love, affection, and acceptance in your relationship. For living a happy married life, you have to accept each other opinions, bits of advice, plans, and desires. This is the only way to meet your emotional needs by accepting each other for a successful and long term relationship.

3- Validation

Validation is another essential feature of emotions that you can’t ignore in a relationship. It is all about sharing your life experiences when you newly meet each other. You love to share your past incidents and want your partner to listen to your stories with interest. Other than sharing life experiences, it also covers sharing daily experiences. You like to tell your partner about your daily experiences whether you had a good day or a bad day at the office. You always want to tell about your day to your partner. If your partner ignores you and doesn’t listen to you properly, you lack validation in your relationship. You feel disrespected and annoyed when your partner avoids you. This becomes a cause of misunderstanding in your relationship. It is your job to remove all the distractions and speak with your partner to find emotional attachment in your relationship. By doing this, you can make your relationship stronger.

4- Security

Security is also a part of your relations. To maintain a healthy relationship with your life partner, you have to add up security factors just to make relation strong. Your partner wants to feel secure and that’s a basic need of every relation. Make sure your partner feels safe from you either physically and mentally. If you are in habit of mentally torturing your spouse and like to beat due to misunderstanding, your partner will surely feel insecure due to these issues. It comes in domestic violence that should be stopped. Don’t become abusive to your partner and try to maintain the relationship by living a good life. It is possible if you give value to emotional needs in your relationship. Stay away from domestic violence and make your partner feel safe and secure. Develop understanding!

5- Trust

Trust is the most essential part of your emotional need. You can’t maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your partner without setting up a trust. Remember, trust is the key element in your relationship that can help to make your relationship strong and successful. Never break the trust of your partner because it can hurt your partner badly. Indeed, you are emotionally hurting your partner by breaking the trust. Trust has many forms; it depends on you how do you break it. Cheating your life partner is the biggest example of breaking trust. Once the trust is broken, you are more likely to play with the emotions of your life partner. Don’t ever break the trust of your spouse!

6- Space

Space is also required to maintain the relationship. If you are happily living with your life partner and suddenly a dispute arises between you and your wife, it can be settled with space. Sometimes, you need a space to find a settlement. You can’t handle your relationship every time with argument and strong connection. Give some space to your partner to let the dispute resolved. Remember, time is the best form of healing that can settle down all the minor and major problems. In a tense situation, you have better spend some time outside with your friends. This will make you and your partner relaxed when you are back. Remember, your emotions can handle every situation well.

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