Coronavirus Myths and Misconceptions – Stop Sharing Negative Thoughts

Coronavirus Myths and Misconceptions – Stop Sharing Negative Thoughts

Coronavirus also abbreviated as (COVID-19) has spread great fear among people of the world. Today, no one feels safe from the outbreak of this pandemic disease. Unfortunately, the virus started from Wuhan, China to all countries of the world except Antarctica, as no human population exists in this continent. Here arises a question! Is the disease airborne or it spreads from people to people? A lot of questions come to mind when we look at the serious outbreak of this disease that has made people scared.

You can experience a great sense of fear on social media and news bulletins about the rapid increase of this deadly virus. Every day you come up with new results with regards to the increase in corona patients and deaths. When it is going to stop? No one knows! Being a responsible human being one should stop sharing negative thoughts regarding coronavirus, but we can’t deny the fact that this disease is spreading fast. To keep things simple and less complicated, one should avoid spreading negative thoughts about this horrible disease.

Generally speaking, the virus can damage your respiratory system that leads to difficulty breathing. Today, the majority of deaths have occurred due to a shortage of breathing in the world. On the other hand, rumors and misconceptions have also been spread to the world through social media regarding (COVID-19). To get rid of these false based stories, one should follow the genuine news source only. This is the best way to stop seeing and sharing negativity. To bring awareness among people, we have found some misconceptions about this disease. Here are some myths and misconceptions about coronavirus that you should know!

Myths and Misconceptions about Coronavirus

Rumors and misconceptions can be dangerous for one’s health, so one should stay away from news that has not been confirmed from a valid source. Here are some myths that should be cleared!

Only Elders are at Risk

Since the outbreak of this disease, we have heard a lot that COVID-19 only attacks elders. This is not the case, the virus can attack anyone. It can be equally dangerous for all ages, but it is understood that the virus is more dangerous for people who are patients of asthma, diabetes, and seriously ill in some diseases. They can be the active victims of coronavirus, but we can’t deny the fact that the virus has affected younger people too.

Children are safe from COVID-19

We have also heard that children are safe from COVID-19. No doubt the cases have been seen among elders, but you can’t say that children are safe. It can infect children as well, especially those who have a weak immune system. Thankfully, children can recover fast from this deadly disease as compared to elders. But at the moment, we can’t say that coronavirus can’t catch children. It can!

All COVID-19 Patients can die

It has been heard that all COVID-19 patients will die. It is absolutely untrue! You just can’t believe in this myth that all patients can die. Undoubtedly, people are dying due to corona in the world. We can see death cases in Italy and the USA, but it is not true that everyone can die like people are dying in these two countries. The recovery chances are also there especially those who have a strong immune system. As per the latest medical report of China, it has been concluded that 80% of cases are mild that can recover fast. If we go in detail to know about mild treatments, we come to know that mild treatment includes symptoms like cough, sore throat, fever, and difficulty in breathing, even these kinds of treatments don’t need special treatment. This shows that death is not the case with everyone.

Face Mask is the Best Protection

A face mask is the best protection. A lot of things have been heard about the usage of face mask concerning coronavirus. It is true to a very extent, but you can’t give a guarantee that masks are 100% secure. The virus can sit on the mask, even the virus droplets can easily enter through nose and mouth. The majority of people have hardly noticed this problem. There is a solution to this problem. Keep your hands washed before and after wearing the mask. You can also wash your mask, but how long you can do it. Further, to find a lasting solution, you have better use the disposable face mask. A disposable mask tightly fits on your nose and face. So, it is the best protection you can have to avoid confusion. More importantly, you have better dispose of the mask after you have used it once.

Hand dryers kill coronavirus

There is another misconception about coronavirus that hand dryers can kill the virus. No way! Hand dryers only dry up your hands, so better wash your hands with water and soap. You can also use antibacterial hand washes to keep your hands clean and germs free. But the use of a hand dryer is only a misconception.

The Virus was Prepared in a laboratory in China

A lot of rumors are there on the internet that the virus was created in a laboratory in China. No evidence has been found yet about the creation of this virus, but one thing is sure that the virus did not originate in the laboratory in China. It came from somewhere else, but not from a laboratory because all the laboratory tests are done safely.

Products from China Spread Covid-19

In the last couple of days, the world has heard a lot about the threats and challenges of coronavirus. It was also rumored that parcels from China can spread this disease. As per the research of scientists, it has been stated that the virus doesn’t survive on packages for a long time. So, it is a misconception that should not be spread anymore.

Antibiotics Kill COVID-19

If you depend a lot on antibiotics, then it doesn’t mean antibiotics can treat all the diseases including COVID-19 and other viruses. Antibiotics can kill bacteria and germs, but they are not made to kill viruses. So, come out of this misconception that antibiotics can kill COVID-19.

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