Effect of love on health – Discuss Some Key Dimensions of Love


Effect of love on health – Discuss Some Key Dimensions of Love

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world. No one can deny the importance and impact of love in one’s life. Love is a great feeling that brings up a nice change in your behavior and mood. Is it so? Yes, love is just great; even you can’t explain the feeling of love in a few words. It’s a true feeling that has so many health benefits. Without any doubt, love has a strong effect on health. It covers countless health benefits, where the leading benefit that people experience is the reduction in stress. Yes, love deals with stress management and fights against depression and anxiety.

Regardless of looking at the health benefits of love, we can look at some other benefits of love. It keeps a person younger and positive. Above all, you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle by following the path of love. Furthermore, the effect of love can be categorized into two types, where one belongs to mental health and other belongs to physical health.

Effect of Love on Mental health

What are the most important mental health disorders? Of course, anxiety, fear, stress, and depression are the leading mental disorders. There are different ways to deal with these mental health disorders, but we hardly know that love is also effective for reducing these disorders. If you are facing severe kinds of mental health problems, you should engage yourself in loving activities. We will discuss some dimensions of love in this article, but for now, the best way to engage in love is to get married. Research has shown that married couples are happier on this planet than singles. This surely reduces mental disorders if you act on the advice of getting married. It brings a positive change in your behavior.

Effect of Love on Physical health

Physical health disorders are also of a severe type, where an individual faces injuries, muscular, joint, back, hamstring and so many body injuries. How love improves physical health? We studied that love reduces mental health disorders such as stress and depression. The improvement in mental health also leads to physical health and that’s the biggest reality of love. It improves your immune system and makes it stronger to fight against diseases. By engaging yourself in love, you can improve your overall general health.

Key Dimensions of Love

In addition to the effects of love on mental and physical health, we can find several dimensions of love that can put a lasting impact on your life. Love is not about having a physical relationship between the two bodies. It’s a need of the human body, but if we look at the details of love, we can find several meanings of love. Interestingly, love can be explained in different ways. Some of the key love dimensions are given below!

Love is Sensual and Passionate

Love is sensual and passionate. This is the biggest reality of love that no one can deny in this world. This is the first dimension of love that has no surprises at all. We all know that love has feelings and senses because you can’t love someone on imagination. Love is felt and touched and that’s a key point that no one can disagree. It tells us that love defines physical attachment and that’s true to a great extent. You can’t love someone based on imaginations except almighty because you can’t compromise on religion. So, one should accept this reality that love is sensual and passionate.

Love is Compassion and Empathy

This is the most interesting dimension of love. Yes, love is full of compassion and empathy. It is all about understanding the feelings of others because it defines the relationship between two people, so it is all about sharing the pains of each other. Sharing soul is not the only love between bodies; one has to understand the problems of each other. When we look at empathy, we come to know about the sacrifice that one can do for others. In this regard, a person has to forgive the mistake of others because love teaches about forgiving. It doesn’t end on sharing soul only, but understanding the weak points of your love by forgiving mistakes is also a dimension of love.

Love is Care and Protection

There are so many dimensions of love; care and protection seem to be the most important dimension of love. Yes, love is all about caring for your life partner. No doubt love is an emotion that connects people, but caring for your loved ones also protects your relationship. Action is also a part of love, but care and protection is the basic requirement of love. If you love your parents, take care of them and provide them full protection. You can apply the formula of care and protection on all relations like wife, kids, teacher, and influencers who play a good role in improving our character. Just care for your loved one and that’s all.

Love is sharing and Friendship

Love can be defined in several ways; the most important thing that defines love is sharing. The second name of love is sharing. No doubt you share everything in love such as house, car, home accessories, and most importantly your soul, but sharing your hidden feelings and desires well define this dimension of love. This is why we call love the name of sharing. If you are trying to make your relationship strong, you should share secrets with your life partner. Those who are single can share their ideas with friends and family members. Interestingly, the element of sharing gives birth to friendship. This is why sharing comes with friendship.

Love is Trust and Faith

There are so many forms of love; the best dimension of love is trust and faith. There is no love without trust and faith no matter if you love your life partner or parents. If trust is missing, you are not eligible for love and that’s a harsh reality of this world. Trust and faith have to be there in love.

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