Hazards of eating fast food


Hazards of eating fast food

One of the largest consumable on earth is fast food. We all love it; it's quick, handy and easily available. What else would anyone want? Preparing healthy meals has become difficult in this fast-paced world. People have busy lives and even busier social lives. All this makes cooking at home almost impossible. Because of these reasons, people turn towards fast food, thinking that it would save time and effort. What they don't realize is that fast food comes with a lot of negative effects on our bodies. You might not face the consequences at once, but later on, it's going to cause you problems. 

Fast food disadvantages


One of the most obvious and dangerous disadvantage of consuming fast food is obesity. Research shows that obesity is the most common medical condition in countries with a fast-food culture. The high levels of sugar and fats in fast food can cause obesity and an increased risk of heart diseases. Fast food has a high-calorie content that makes it even more dangerous to consume. Children, especially teens are hooked to fast food, not aware of the damage it's causing to their body.

Unhealthy and Addictive

Even though many fast food joints are not offering healthier alternatives but most of them are still unhealthy. The biggest drawback being that the ingredients used in fast food are usually artificial and derived from products that are not safe for human consumption. The high sugar and fat content present in fast food should not be consumed regularly.

Since fast food has become an important part of our diet, it is addictive too. You crave for fast food once if not twice a week.

Effects of additives and preservatives

Every fast food consists of additives and preservatives which is not a healthy option at all. Some of these additives and preservatives have been knows to contain carcinogenic materials (a carcinogen is any substance that promotes cancer) that can cause cell damage and destruction.

Effects of fast food on the respiratory system

As we mentioned earlier that consuming fast food regularly causes obesity which means more fat is surrounding your vital organs. The extra pounds are sure to put pressure on your heart and lungs, these symptoms may even show up with a little exertion. You may notice shortness of breath while you climb a set of stairs or even while taking a walk.

Effects on the reproductive system

The ingredients used in the preservation of fast food contain Phthalates. Phthalates are harmful chemicals that can cause hormones to disrupt and act abnormally. Hormonal imbalances are one of the most commonly known diseases among teens and adults these days. Don't let your hormones act up just because of consuming the wrong kinds of food.

Effects on the digestive system

Fast food is usually full of carbohydrates and contains little or no fiber at all. Fiber is responsible to keep your bowel movements regular and keep your digestive system regulated. When your digestive system breaks down fast food, it releases the carbs as glucose in your body and your bloodstream. And as a result, your blood sugar increases.

Your pancreas releases insulin. The insulin is responsible for transporting sugar to the parts of your body where it is needed for energy. As your body stores the sugars, your blood sugar returns to normal.


If you are facing any of these symptoms or feeling that you are getting addicted to fast food, start changing your eating habits today and shift to healthier alternatives. It will not only benefit you in the long run but also give you a longer, healthier life!  

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