How Do You Deal with Inner Conflict?


How Do You Deal with Inner Conflict?

If your mind stops you from taking easy decisions and you struggle hard to resolve minor problems in life, you surely undergo inner conflict. You behave contradictory to yourself and fail to achieve things timely and mannerly. This changes your behavior and attitude, hence you become an unpredictable personality. What is Inner Conflict? Inner conflict is all about change in behavior, attitude, and views about yourself and others. Generally speaking, it’s a conflict of mind that gives birth to several confusing questions in mind. If you are behaving unpredictable and showing attitude on unimportant things, you are suffering from internal conflicts. Inner conflict can cause several issues with your mind that puts a bad impact on your thoughts and imaginations. This leads to conflict by all means. Thus, you feel angry, frustrated, and despair in such a situation that gives an invitation to several conflicts.

What Causes Inner Conflict?

Personal problems are the leading reasons for inner conflicts. These are the problems that soon turn into conflicting needs. Hence, you forget about meeting your needs most of the time in such a state of mind. Most of the time, you skip meals even you are hungry. You want to eat food, but you don’t have time to eat because of some personal tasks that you want to complete first e.g. office meetings and projects. You give priority to work over food. If you do so, you are surely undergoing inner conflicts. Following this, we come to know that personal problems cause inner conflicts to a great extent. There is a conflict of personal needs vs professional needs whenever internal conflicts arise. Other than conflict in personal needs, the inner conflict also brings a clash between family and social needs. For example, if you make a plan to hang around with your friends, but you cancel the plan because of your children and spouse, it creates inner conflict. These are the causes of inner conflict that make you frustrated, angry, helpless, and confused.

How Do You Deal with Inner Conflict?

To come over conflicts, you need to make a decision and move forward by dealing with inner conflicts brilliantly. How can you deal with inner conflicts? Let’s discuss the key points!

Identify the conflict

Before dealing with internal conflicts, you need to identify the conflicts. This is the first step to identify the conflict whether you have a conflict with self, others, environment, and most importantly conflict with the supernatural. You need to identify it first before dealing with the conflict. If you are facing any particular conflict, it will be easier for you to get rid of it. On the contrary, if you are dealing with different conflicts at the moment, it will be challenging for you to deal with them immediately. You can deal with all inner conflicts gradually. So, it is your first job to identify inner conflicts.

Think About the First Side of Conflict

After you have identified the conflict you are having, your next job is to look at the first side of the conflict. What comes to your mind first when you face any conflict? Imaging and observe the first thing that comes to your mind in such a state. What do you feel, hear, and see when such a situation arises? Focus on your goal that you want to achieve and what is the conflict that stops you from achieving that goal. If the conflict is positive, then you can easily deal with the situation e.g. if you are following a weight loss plan and suddenly you wish to eat fast food but your goal to lose weight stops you from eating junk food. This has a positive impact on your goals and you can easily understand the situation. This is how you can deal with inner conflicts. Always look at the brighter side of the situation to avoid conflicts.

Give More Than You Receive

The most important phase to fight against inner conflict is to give more than you receive. Give all your attention to the goal that you want to achieve. Rather than receiving, pay attention to give. Here giving means to sacrifice yourself. If you sacrifice while achieving the positive side of your desires, you will never come across inner conflicts. This is why the process of giving is far better than receiving. You have to adapt the good habits by doing sacrifices. Surrender your will rather than getting exhausted and disappointed. This will reduce all inner conflicts.

Stay Mindful and Logical

This is another exciting approach to deal with inner conflicts. Don’t give hype to the issues, rather than advertising your problems, try to find the solutions. The only way to find the solution is to stay mindful and logical to solve all your problems. This is all about working on mental strength. If you develop an approach to get rid of lower thoughts and behavior, you will never come across a conflict. For this, check both sides of conflicts to make sense. Don’t give away the negative side of the conflict, though the positive side helps you to sort out the inner conflict with ease. You can’t ignore the negative side of the conflict. It makes proper sense when you overview the dark side of inner conflicts because you can deal better with conflicts by looking into the negative side of the story. With the mindful and logical approach, you can find lasting solutions to your conflicts.


The stage of implementation is the final stage where you find permanent solutions to inner conflicts. You come up with lasting solutions in this stage that comes after finding logical reasons to stay on the positive side of your thoughts. In this stage, you find reasons to get rid of inner conflicts by staying conscious, mindful, and thoughtful. This happens when you give yourself value by kicking out the actual reasons for inner conflicts that can keep you confused, irritated, and despair.

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