How to Play with Your Newborn? Find Out Ideas for Baby Playtime

How to Play with Your Newborn? Find Out Ideas for Baby Playtime

If you are blessed with a newborn, you are the luckiest person on the planet who can enjoy the company of newborns. Believe it or not, it’s the most beautiful and wonderful feeling to have kids. However, spending time with a newborn is just great, but it is challenging, on the other hand, to deal with a newborn. How do you deal with a newborn when their mood is off? Babies have different moods that you don’t understand easily, but you need to treat them with love and care. Being a parent, you can face so many challenges while making your babies sleep and eat, so the best is to find solutions to your problems by finding ideas for baby playtime. This is the only way to engage your babies in an activity, this further helps to change the mood of your newborn.

 with your Newborn?

Parents should spend time playing with newborns. There are so many ways to play with a newborn that we shall discuss in this blog later on. Before discussing the ideas for baby playtime, understanding the emotional connection between parents and kids is necessary. Caretakers will not take care of your newborn the way you can, the reason is the emotional attachment and special feeling. Caretakers are not emotionally attached to your kid, so they become negligent and careless many times with your kids. Anyhow, the smart way to handle newborns is to play with them, as baby playtime is the only way to treat newborns. Do you agree? In the early months, it is easier for parents to handle newborns because they are not able to move in the first 2,3 months and barely develop senses. After crossing 3 months, your baby develops senses and starts recognizing the face of the mother. Also, loves your touching and pass smile after hearing your voice. This is natural love and emotional attachment that connects you with your newborn. Moreover, it is the most interesting phase of newborns that all parents enjoy, but it is also true that newborns keep parents sleepless when they create a mess and cry.

Ideas for Baby Playtime

There are so many to engage your baby for playing, but some effective tips are mentioned below!

Tummy and Face Time

Tummy and face time is the most attractive way to engage your newborn. It’s all about controlling the muscles of your baby for development. Tummy time is specifically done for developing the muscles of your baby especially tummy, chest, and stomach area. It’s a sort of exercise that changes the mood of your baby and helps to sleep on time. Furthermore, face time is another similar kind of exercise that involves the touching of the face. You improve physical contact with your baby by doing so. In this activity, you bring your face closer to the baby’s hand. Hence, your baby loves touching your face when you talk to your young one. It’s a pleasing experience that brings up a smile on the face of a baby and parents. Also, it is the best and basic baby playtime activity that all parents should try.

Soft Massage from Head to Toe

Do you think body massage is an effective baby playtime idea? Yes, it is the best idea that relaxes your baby. You can do arm and hand massage by softly moving hands on both sides. Pedal the legs of your babies to eliminate gas from the tummy. The issue of gas also keeps your newborn sleepless and most of the time your baby weeps when not finding comfort. Pedaling the legs of your baby can provide them with great comfort when gas passes out. It’s a part of body massage that you should practice regularly. Further, complete soft massage from head to toe to make your baby happy, strong, and healthy.

Play Hide and Seek (Peekaboo)

Along with soft massage, you should also hide and seek with your baby. Remember, the rules when you play Peekaboo with a newborn. You don’t need to go out of your room to hide, because newborn can’t come out of the room to find you. Just keep it in mind. For playing with a newborn, you can use a blanket and shirt for hiding your face, this is the best available thing to do to play hide and seek with your newborn. No doubt it is full of fun and entertainment when you say peekaboo. The next thing you experience is the endless laugh from your newborn. It makes you happy too! Want to try it now?

Dance and Sing

You can also dance and sing to make your newborn happy. Babies love your funny movements, so dance in front of your young ones to make them feel pleasant. We don’t mean to do a professional dance here, but dancing means to make some movements to change the sad mood of your newborn. You can also sing a song along with dancing to bring some changes to plan. Dancing alone works, but the addition of singing makes it more interesting for the newborn. We all know that a newborn has no idea how to enjoy the musical instruments, a newborn is only concerned with the soundtrack, and your body moves. Additionally, your familiar voice and little dancing moves can make your baby happy. This is the way to turn a sad mood into happy.

Talk with your Newborn

Searching for some effective baby playtime ideas? You can do talking with your newborns to engage their minds to the stores you tell them. Make them a good listener at the beginning of their life journey. Read aloud when you tell them stories, though newborns don’t understand a single word. You still have to follow the instruction of reading aloud and doing proper talking. Don’t pay attention to the content, the point is to grab the attention of your newborn by doing the talking. This is the way to handle newborns.

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