How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus? Do's and Don’ts of Coronavirus


How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus? Do's and Don’ts of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become the worst nightmare for all the residents of the world. The virus has brought a great sense of fear among people in 2020 because all the New Year goals have been affected badly due to the birth of this deadly virus. What is the coronavirus? Coronavirus also named as (COVID-19), is an infectious disease that causes serious damage to the respiratory system. Its symptoms are cough, flu, fever, and shortness of breath. 

It started from China in December 2019, now it has become a global problem because the virus has involved the whole world badly. Unfortunately, it is quickly spreading, hence no one feels safe from this life-threatening virus today that is 100% airborne disease. It spreads from touching. Therefore, if an infected person touches others unintentionally can infect others easily. As per the new updates, it has been discovered that the virus is also traveling in the air causing some serious damage to people.

How to Protect Yourself Coronavirus?

The World Health Organization has already informed about the sharp increase of coronavirus. It is a pandemic. Thus, we have seen a massive increase in the number of infected people who are badly affected by (COVID-19). Every day the number of cases with death ratio is increasing worldwide. This needs to stop! For reducing the risk of this infectious disease, we have got you covered with some basic steps that can surely minimize the risk of this virus. You can easily protect yourself from this deadly virus by following these steps!

Stay Informed and Updated

Your first job is to seek maximum guidance about coronavirus whether it comes to knowing about symptoms and after-effects of the virus. Don’t use your mind and avoid doing self-experiments to treat the virus. Follow the instructions provided by WHO and reliable sources regarding the protection from the virus. Remember, little knowledge is dangerous. The first thing is to stay informed and updated from everything that revolves around (COVID-19). Be aware of all the symptoms of coronavirus and seek medical advice immediately. Stay in isolation for up to 14 days, if you suffer from flu, cough, fever, headache, and find difficulty in breathing. These are ordinary diseases, but this can be coronavirus if you ignore it. In such a miserable condition, don’t meet people and spend maximum time at home. The more you reduce your social circle, the more likely you will stay safe and protected from this deadly airborne disease.

Maintain Physical Distance

After you have gathered comprehensive information about the basics of the virus, you should also maintain social distance by staying at home. The more you stay away from people, the more you will stay healthy and safe. This is the best protection that you can provide to yourself by maintaining a social or physical distance. The reason for maintaining the distance is to find protection because it spreads from touching. So, avoid gathering and touching people. The simple is to stay at home and stay healthy.

Wash Your Hands

Want to protect yourself from coronavirus? Wash your hands frequently with antibacterial hand sanitizer. This is the only way to defeat this deadly virus. So, keep fighting with this dangerous virus by washing your hands with hand soap or sanitizer. Hence, regular and frequent cleaning of hands will keep you protected from this virus. Are you ready to follow this mainstream guideline?

Avoid Touching Your Face and Eyes

This is equally important to wash your face. Avoid touching your face and eyes to stay away from bacteria and germs that can put you in danger. Your hand is the major source that can transfer the virus to your face. Regarding this, you should not touch your eyes, face, nose, and mouth to avoid spreading germs. Make sure your hands are clean and not dirty, but you are not allowed to touch your face with clean hands. By following this guideline, you can protect yourself from getting infected.

Cover Your Mouth and Nose

If you want to defeat coronavirus, then you need to cover your nose and mouth with the face mask. This is all about practicing respiratory hygiene. This is a must for all because you can defeat the virus easily by covering your face. By doing so, germs will not enter your mouth. In this practice, you should also take great care of others by not sneezing openly. Use your elbow for coughing and sneezing. If you are using tissue paper for coughing and sneezing, dispose of it immediately after using it.

Do's and Don’ts of Coronavirus

(COVID-19) is an infectious disease that can be defeated by following good instructions and guidelines. For your convenience, we have collected the Do's and Don’ts of coronavirus. First, we’ll discuss the Do’s that every individual should follow to stay healthy and safe.

  • Don’t step out of your house. Stay at home, even work from home if it suits you. If you think going out is urgent, then cover your face with a mask.
  • After you are back home, wash your hands with sanitizer. 
  • Dispose of tissue and throw it in a bin after use. Again wash hands once after you have wasted tissue.
  • Keep your home clean from dust and dirt.
  • Keep a distance of at least 7 feet from your family members.
  • Keep your hands neat after you come out of the toilet.
  • Use disposable gloves to keep your hands covered and clean.
  • Wear full sleeves to cover your body.
  • Drink warm water to keep the metabolism active.

Don’ts of CoronaVirus

  • Don’t touch your face, eyes, nose, and everything with dirty hands.
  • Don’t shake hands with people.
  • Avoid hugging your friends and loved ones. Keep social distance!
  • Don’t share your leftover food with family members.
  • Don't share your pots such as bottles, glass, and plates.
  • Don’t stock medicines at home along with face masks and sanitizers; the only thing you can stock is food and grocery items.
  • Don’t wear half sleeves.
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