Social Factors that can Influence Your Health – Discuss Key Determinants

Social Factors that can Influence Your Health – Discuss Key Determinants

Are you conscious about your health? It’s a good habit to be health-conscious. You can live a satisfying life if you are healthy. Not everyone lives a healthy life because some people are careless and non-serious when it comes to health and wellness. Unfortunately, some are affected by social factors. Different situations are there with people, especially when we look at the lifestyle and factors that influence health. Additionally, social factors have a great influence on health. How social factors influence your health? Have you ever noticed the impact of social factors on your health? If not, we’ll let you know how social factors connect with your health. The effect can be positive or negative depending upon your lifestyle and circumstances.

Human health depends on so many social factors, where environment and lifestyle are important ones. If we take notice of our lifestyle, we come to know that our lifestyle is surrounded by physical activities, office routine, behavior, age, eating habits, and most importantly social factors. You can’t deny that social factors influence health. Let’s discuss some key social determinants of health!


Education is the right of every individual living on planet earth. Education teaches you a lot about life and health. You can learn to live a healthy lifestyle because of education. You can find the difference between educated and uneducated people. There is much difference between both because education makes you sensible and well mannered. Can you challenge this question? No way to challenge this question!

You can take several examples of education. The best example is the improvement in literacy rate because good education makes nations. People learn skills and get good jobs when getting an education. Indeed, an educated person can make a good career in life and that’s the key benefit of education. On the other hand, a person with no education can’t find a good job.

More importantly, an educated person knows about the wrong and right things and more likely participates in healthy activities to avoid smoking, drinking, and bad habits. This is the positive impact of education that can improve your life when you refrain from bad activities. Further, good habits can improve your health and bad habits can damage your health. It is simple! This is why you should get an education. So, you can’t ignore education when looking at the social factors that influence health.


Income is another key social determinant that holds your life. Income is the money you earn for living. It is understood that earning makes you healthy when you spend money on your health. How income can affect your health. It affects when you don’t earn better and hardly meet your expenses. This leads to devastation and you don’t find motivation when you hardly meet your monthly expenses due to a shortage of money.

You are more likely to face bad and poor situations and lose health gradually with less income. This is how income affects your health. Indeed, it’s a social factor that can damage your health. On the contrary, income can also bring a positive change in your life. It happens when you earn good money. With better earnings, you can meet all your life goals and stay happy when you don't face poor situations.

This is how income has an effect on your health that can be good and bad at the same time. More importantly, income is a social factor closely related to education. No doubt good education can maximize your earnings, so we come to know that both factors go hand in hand with each other. To earn better, you need to get a good education. Agree?


Hosing is also an important social determinant that can influence your health. It’s a key factor that can affect your health. Housing is all about living in a place that provides you shelter and peace of mind. Interestingly, both social factors like education and income are dependent on housing. If you are poor, you’ll not live in a better place. Also, you won’t find health and fitness because of a poor lifestyle. These things can happen in your life if you are not educated and your income is low. On a good note, you will get a better housing facility when you are educated and your income is good.

Also, make sure that your neighbors are not annoying and engaged in criminal activities. This can put a bad impression on your family. This should also be considered important in housing. Anyhow, you can’t neglect above mentioned social factors that can influence your health. Interestingly, your health is dependent on all social factors that are linked to each other. This can surely improve your lifestyle and health.

Health Care Facilities

Health care facilities are the major social determinants that can put a great impression on life. Health is a great wealth that we all believe. If you are weak and not getting health facilities of life, then you can lose overall health. Once again we’ll discuss the impact of above mentioned social factors such as education, income, and housing. These are the major social factors that can improve and damage your health. If you have good money, a better place to live, and manners to live a life, then you can surely approach healthcare facilities. You can take great care of your health if you are blessed with good education, income, and house.

The above mentioned social factors can influence your health and well being. So, one should concentrate on an improved lifestyle by living a life free of tensions. The better thing is to get an education, eat healthy nutrients, and stay away from social worries. No doubt social factors have a strong impact on our lives where people are striving for earning money. They work hard to get access to utilities like heating, cooling, and electricity. Social status is important and one has to maintain a social status to get a grip on all facilities of life. Above all, one should also look at the religious norms and values to live a good and healthy life.

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