What are the Reasons You Don't Feel Hungry?


What are the Reasons You Don't Feel Hungry?

Hunger is the feeling of weakness when the human body runs low on food and desires to eat. The cause of hunger is the lack of food in the body that can be satisfied with the proper intake of food. If you feel hunger and eat up to the full capacity to satisfy your hunger, you are a healthy person. Hence, your feeling of hunger and appetite for food increases that show your hunger level is normal. The hunger level is associated with the brain and empty stomach; hence you feel hungry when your blood sugar level goes down. More importantly, you feel hungry when you feel weakness in the body and your stomach produces different sounds. On the other hand, abnormal hunger level is the reason you don’t feel hungry. What causes you to not feel hungry? There are so many reasons for not feeling hungry. Some key reasons are mentioned below!


Anxiety is the leading reason that reduces your hunger. People who are a victim of anxiety eats less than normal people. The stress hormone releases in the body that affects your hunger and slows down the process of digestion. The slow digestion is a problem that can also affect the performance of your stomach. The reason behind the slow performance of the stomach is anxiety, so we come to know that anxiety is bad for your hunger and appetite.


Stress comes after anxiety. It reduces hunger levels because stress also leads to an indigestion problem. Stress has various forms, but all the stress types cause the hunger problem. It decreases your appetite level and you don’t feel hungry due to stress. Remember, the more you stay relaxed, the more you feel hungry. But stress affects your stomach and appetite and it’s a psychological disorder.


Mental health has a deep connection to hunger. It makes you tensed and worried because depression comes after stress. No doubt depression is the next stage of stress that puts a bad impact on your hunger. You don’t feel hungry in depression, as depression causes a great loss to appetite. It’s a massive psychological disorder that slows down the working of the brain. Resultantly, you stop eating healthy food and stays hungry.

Sickness & Illness

There are so many reasons for not eating. Sickness is also a cause that keeps you away from food. If you are suffering from cold and have flu, you don’t feel hungry. It decreases your hunger level when you are sick. Indeed, sickness and illness affect your immune system because your body releases chemicals that reduce hunger. Remember, eating improves your immune system, but the releasing of chemicals makes you ill and you avoid eating because your appetite level goes down. So, we come to know that flu, cold and fever can upset your health and eating.


Pregnancy is another reason that reduces appetite level. Ladies who are pregnant eat less due to the challenges they face during the pregnancy period. Other than pregnancy challenges, they feel sick and uneasy when it comes to eating. The food digestion problem is also faced by ladies in pregnancy, so they choose to eat light food in the morning. Less eating can affect their health because an empty stomach isn’t a sign of good health for pregnant women. But it is a fact that pregnancy reduces the loss of appetite that reduces hunger level.


If you are on medication and specifically using medicines prescribed by a doctor or health specialist, it can affect your immune system that ultimately weakens your stomach. Most of the times you use antibiotics and high blood pressure medicines that affect your hunger level. Many drugs become the cause of depression and keep you away from food. Your stomach doesn’t except food when you are in medication. So, we come to know that medication is the major reason for hunger.


Migraine is a headache that becomes the reason for appetite loss. Migraine requires proper sleeping and sufficient eating. Unfortunately, you don’t feel hungry due to this extreme headache and your hunger level goes down and you avoid eating. The only way to fix the migraine is to use medicine with the advice of a doctor. No doubt medication is another procedure that affects your hunger, but you can fix all problems in a couple of days.


If you are fighting against cancer, you are considered a brave person because cancer comes up with so many side effects. Loss of appetite is a serious disorder caused by cancer because a person doesn’t feel hungry while suffering from cancer diseases. You need healthy food badly in cancer, but the loss of appetite keeps you away from food and you don’t feel desire for food.


Aging is not a surprising fact that reduces your hunger level. You get weaker with aging, thus it affects your eating and working abilities. You start eating less with aging, even a stage comes when you stop feeling hungry when there is a time to eat. You don’t find healthy food attractive after 60 and it’s a fact that takes place due to some quick hormonal changes in your body that reduce hunger level. To fix this problem, you should consult with your health specialist to get back on the hunger track.


Diabetes also creates hunger problems. No doubt diabetes affects your blood sugar level that often damages your stomach muscles. This causes a great problem, hence you stop eating healthy and a stage comes when you eat less than your capacity. Diabetes affects the gastrointestinal tract that reduces hunger level when the food doesn’t find a way to pass through your intestines. Medication is the final solution to fix this problem because the gastrointestinal tract causes a great loss to the appetite that drags away all your eating desires. In such a situation, consult with your doctor and get on medication to fight diabetes because your body needs energy in such a condition.

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