Best Exercises for Ripped Abs


Best Exercises for Ripped Abs

As we open our Instagram feed we will come across tons of pictures of body influencers and Instagram models. All these pictures show them looking fit and ripped working out in the gym. You see a handsome boy with his shirt off and a six-pack chopping some greens to make his smoothie for breakfast. And that is where you think that it's time to get in shape or get ripped. With social media progressing every day and people using it for every purpose the awareness to stay in shape and look good it's becoming more and more. People want to be updated with upcoming trends and fashions and they want to blend in with the rest of the crowd. There has been an increase in the number of gyms that have opened up and more and more are now taking time out to go workout to achieve a good muscular body. 

People are actively working on their diet and workout routines. It's almost as if everyone is competing with each other. Now, this is a good and healthy trend that everyone wants to follow however what they want to achieve is not easy and requires sheer determination.

1: Abs are made in the kitchen:

You must've heard the term many times that abs are made in the kitchen. As much as the statement is true there is the other half of the statement which is missing and that is that abs are made in the kitchen and the gym. You cannot do just one of these and achieve a ripped body. It's a combination of both and a balance needed in your life. Also absolutely you cannot fast track this process you are using thanks to achieve this for example in bills or supplements. However, it is not as complicated as it sounds. The "the keywords are consistency and hard work.

Let's first understand what does the dumb ripped body means. This is the state of the body when it reaches where there is a very low body fat percentage and the muscles underneath the skin start showing in their shapes.

The term ripped doesn't mean that the muscle has to be big. That is another thing that depends on the person, meaning exactly what kind of body they're looking to achieve. You will see some people have a pretty ripped body is but some of them are leaner and some of them are quite buff and big.

Also one of the most important things is that you need to understand here is that getting a report he does not mean that you have to do is wait these are two separate things. A lot of people make the mistake of starting a diet to lose weight because they think that's all they get ripped. What happens is to achieve this look you have to build your massive unless your muscle is buried underneath your skin it won't sure. Along with building your muscle you have to lose your body fat. There is a very specific way to get to this point and a strict regimen that you have to follow because if you do something wrong you will only end up losing muscle and become smaller in size.

A lot of people also want to get a six-pack and that is also not just losing your belly fat there is a whole process that you need to go through which means that you have to overall let a low body fat percentage which is in men 15% or less and for women, it's 20% or less. At the same time, you build your abdominal muscles for them to sure when you reach that body fat percentage. One of the most essential steps, as we said earlier, is the balance between losing fat and building muscle. So here's the interesting thing if you want to build muscle that would require weight gain and if you want to lose fat that would require weight loss and then the question arises that how are we supposed to do this at the same time. 

 The answer is that these things cannot be done simultaneously but they go in steps. The first step is to initially lose weight if you are obese or if you are on the bulk of your site. Then you have to do these two steps one after the other which is first you to the bulking which means that you eat to build your muscle and then you go onto the next step which is to shred which means to lose body fat. This is the science which is a little complicated to understand but once you get into the cycle and all the steps one after the other you will eventually understand how your body works and what this process is all about.

2: What are the steps to achieve a ripped body?

Strength training to build muscle: The first step that you can do is to increase your lean mass. As we have already discovered that the bigger the muscle that you have underneath the more ripped you will look. So you need to do exercises in which you are growing you're on my side and there are so many workout routines is available or adrenal can help you do these exercises focusing on one muscle at a time. In a week dedicate one week to one muscle group and then you work out albeit a lift to increase the size of the muscle that day.

Lose fat: 

Losing fat is the next step and that all depends on how you cut your calories. Now, this does not mean that you stop eating food or starve yourself but you need to have a diet plan which will help you consume fewer calories. The thing about calories is that they give us the energy that the body needs and the more energy that we have the more it is going to get stored unless we consume that energy. So the energy that we don't consume will be then stored in our body is fat and thus it comes to the point that we should just have a low-calorie diet. You can easily calculate according to your height, age, and weight the number of calories you need in a day to attain a certain amount of weight loss and then according to that calorie intake you can look up a diet plan or make your own and then just follow that.

Increase protein intake:

 Protein is our best friend when it comes to gaining muscles or losing weight. You need to make sure that you have a good intake of protein in your everyday diet. One more important thing that you need to understand and keep in mind is that protein will help you protect the muscle when you are on a low-calorie diet. Protein will supply you with the nutrients that are essential for building and repairing the muscle in your body.

Check Fat Intake Regularly

Make sure that the fact that you are taking our moderate in amount because if you go overboard with the fact it is going to ruin the whole process. It also matters what kind of fat you're eating. As the research has shown that unsaturated fats are better than saturated fats comparatively in terms of being stored into the body so you can always include healthy fats into your diet which can be appetizing and satisfying at the same time.

Carbs are not your enemy which is usually what most people perceive us when it comes to getting a ripped body. You have to understand that carbs are also important when you're doing a high-intensity workout as they provide the energy for it.

One thing that we always overlook is also that your body needs rest and you need to sleep properly. Sleep is so important as well we are sleeping our body repairs itself and the muscles will build and repair at that time so do not compromise on your sleep and make sure that you have a good sleeping pattern.

High-intensity workouts are very important when it comes to achieving this. You have to have a limited amount of cardio and weight training to get a ripped body. Look for workouts on the Internet or ask your trainer for help.

Getting ripped is a lifestyle change, its excellence. Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. It is instilling discipline and instilling quality habits are a choice. It is a decision that you either choose or do not choose to bring every single day. You choose to stay on your diet, you choose to wake up early and do your cardio, and you choose to leave nothing on the table during your workouts.

And the hardest thing of all is bringing excellence to the table EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Anyone can do something once, twice, or even three times, but to bring it 24/7, 365 is the real challenge. That's where the champions come out. That's where the great are separated from the good, and the outstanding from the great. There's a reason why some people leave with medals around their necks and others with championship rings on their fingers.

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