What it takes to get stronger arms

What it takes to get stronger arms

There are numerous theories on how to get lean and build muscles. However, it doesn’t matter which approach you take if you don’t eat the right. 


When it comes to the diet you should focus on:

  • Consuming up to 500 more calories per day
  • Consume more protein than 0.36g/lb body weight
  • Find the foods that you enjoy eating every day

It has been noted by researchers that you can get toned arms within 4 weeks if you consume the right food. Nonetheless, it’s important to mention that if you notice that you’re not getting as toned as you want, you should cut down the calories.


Warm up for at least 10 minutes so you can get your heart rate up. You should perform two 10-repetitions sets of:

  • Rows with light resistance
  • Jogging
  • Cycling

If you’re starting with flabby arms, you want to get rid of the extra fat. This is why we recommend that you do cardio before starting to work on your arms. This way, you will ensure that you’re burning the unwanted fat from different areas on your body.


In order to prevent muscle imbalances, you should exercise all of your muscles in your arm. For this, you should follow the steps below.

Step 1

Choose the correct bicep curls so that you can perform up to 12 repetitions with a proper form. You should:

  • Pick up the barbell with an underhand grip
  • Slightly bend your knees and position your feet hip-width apart
  • Stand up with your spine elongated
  • Bring the barbell in front of your thighs
  • Keep your upper arms and elbows tight whilst curling the barbell up to your shoulders
  • Hold the position for one count and then use your biceps to move the weight
  • Ensure you do 3 sets with 12 repetitions

It’s essential that you contract your biceps and abdominal muscle when doing this exercise so you prevent muscle imbalances.

Step 2

Hammer curls require you to train one arm at a time. In order to get the right balance, we recommend that you focus on keeping the same form for each repetition on each arm. You should:

  • Pick up a dumbbell in each hand and hold the palms facing towards your body
  • Your elbows have to be close to your torso and slightly bend your knees
  • Curl one hand towards your shoulder and hold the contraction for one count
  • Repeat with the other hand and continue alternating
  • Ensure you do 3 sets with 12 repetitions

This exercise is a must due to the fact that you will increase endurance before starting lifting weights. In case you aren’t feeling fatigues after the last repetition, you must increase the resistance.

It’s important to mention that you must develop strong forearms before heavy lifting as you will risk hurting your elbows and wrists. Make small changes each time so you can train better.

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