BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon)

BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon)
BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon)
BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon)
BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon)
BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon)

BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon)

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  • SPEEDY RECOVERY – The BCAA Shock Powder promotes speedy recovery of muscles. It is abundant in Amino Acids, which are present in muscle tissue.
  • INCREASES STRENGTH – Made with the perfect blend of amino acids in 2:1:1 ratio, the DMoose BCAA Shock Powder delivers the ideal amount of protein to your body to provide you with max strength,
  • PROMOTES GROWTH – The DMoose BCAA Shock Powder increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, thus promoting muscle growth, supporting lean muscle mass, and reducing muscle breakdown.
  • CONVENIENT POWDER FORM – This Dietary Supplement comes in a convenient powder form that can easily dissolve in a cold beverage. It comes in an enjoyable Watermelon flavor!

Regular price $29.99

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Increase Strength, Get a Speedy Recovery, and Maximize Lean Muscle Mass Growth with the Great-Flavored DMoose BCAA Shock Powder

Enter the new era of Fitness and Recovery! The BCAA Shock Powder is a blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine for Lean Muscle Growth and Recovery. The Perfect BCAA Ratio of 2:1:1 provides superior results as it gives the body ideal proportions of amino acids. The excellent Watermelon flavor makes sure you enjoy getting fit and healthy. Get your Lean Muscle Support Formula by DMoose now!


01 Intended for Use by Persons Above 18

The BCAA Shock Powder Dietary Supplement is to be used by persons above 18. It is advisable for children under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing mothers, and individuals with a medical condition to consult a physician before use.

02 45 Servings per Container

One container of DMoose BCAA Shock Powder contains 292 Grams of Dietary Supplements. One serving is advised to be ½ a scoop (6.5g) in 8-10 ounces of cold beverage.

03 Great Flavor

This Dietary Supplement uses natural flavoring to give you unmatched taste. Available in Watermelon Flavor, DMoose helps you to stay healthy with tasty supplements!

04 Powder Form

The BCAA Shock Dietary Supplement comes in the convenient form of a powder. Mix ½ scoop of it in 8-10 ounces of cold beverage.

05 Made in the USA

The manufacturing of the DMoose BCAA Shock Powder is carried in GMP-certified, FDA Registered facilities within The States, following strict purity standards. The best ingredients are curated from across the world. The product is lab-tested.


Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement guarantee.

Product Details:

Watermelon Flavor
Lean Muscle Support Formula
Contains Amino Acids, L-Glutamine, and Vitamin B6
Supports Recovery, Growth, and Strength
292 Grams of Dietary Supplement
45 Servings Per Container

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great pre workout for a serious gym-goer
Like a legal very small dose of crack before lifting
I can feel a change! It helped with my soreness
Less soreness and more defined muscle
First Time Purchasing This! Absolutely Delicious - Watermelon Flavour