Keto Salt BHB Capsules

Keto Salt BHB Capsules
Keto Salt BHB Capsules
Keto Salt BHB Capsules
Keto Salt BHB Capsules
Keto Salt BHB Capsules

Keto Salt BHB Capsules

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  • KETOGENIC WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT – When combined with a proper ketogenic diet, the DMoose Keto Salts boost your fat-burning rate and support a healthy weight-loss process.
  • SUPPORTS FAT BURNING – The DMoose Keto Salt provides your body with BHB Ketones which are normally produced when your body achieves ketosis. It directs your body to use fat reserves for energy instead of carbs.
  • FIGHTS OXIDATIVE STRESS – The use of DMoose Keto Salts supports your body in detoxification by neutralizing the harmful substances with its antioxidants.
  • ENHANCE ENERGY AND FOCUS – The Keto Salt supports in utilizing fats for energy and reduces brain fog, a common side effect of Keto Diet, to increase focus.

Regular price $17.99

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See Faster Results for Your Keto Diet and Maintain Optimal Health with the DMoose Keto Salt BHB!

Keto Diet is widely acclaimed for its promising results, but the low carb diet plus the symptoms caused by it can hinder your motivation to carry on. To help you efficiently achieve ketosis, and increase focus and energy levels DMoose Nutrition has carefully formulated its optimal Dietary Supplement – Keto Salt BHB Capsules. This Ketogenic Fuel is packed with BHB Ketones that boost your metabolism, and detoxifies your body for a Healthy Ketosis!


01 Intended for Use by Persons Above 18

The Keto Salt Dietary Supplement is advised to be used by persons above 18. Children under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing mothers, and individuals with a medical condition are advised to consult a physician before use.

02 30 Servings per Container

One container of DMoose Keto Salt BHB contains 60 Capsules of Dietary Supplements. One adult serving is advised to 2 capsules.

03 Boosts Metabolism and Detoxification

These Capsules increase the efficiency of calorie breakdown and get you in shape fast. This specially-formulated supplement is safe and effective and keeps your body healthy by fighting oxidative stress.

04 Increases Energy and Focus Levels

The DMoose Keto Salt increases cognitive function and energy levels, thus giving you an athletic drive. Perform your day to day activities with clarity and efficiency

05 Made in the USA

The manufacturing of DMoose Keto Salt BHB is carried in GMP-certified, FDA Registered facilities within The States, following strict purity standards. The best ingredients are curated from across the world. The product is lab-tested.


Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement guarantee.

Product Details:

Ultra-Premium Ketogenic Fuel
Supports Fat Burning and Weightloss
Increases Athletic Drive
Fights Oxidative Stress
Contains BHB Ketones
60 Capsules
30 Servings per Container

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