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  • ENHANCE BRAIN HEALTH – The Neuro Plus is your go-to brain health supplement to help support memory, cognition, and oxygen circulation to the brain. This blend of vitamins, minerals, DMAE, and potent herbs is scientifically formulated for optimal mental performance and improved brain health.
  • IMPROVE MEMORY AND ACCURACY – This Brain Boosting Supplement enhances cognitive functioning. It provides memory-enhancing results that may improve memory, mental clarity, and alertness. It uses vital nutrients, such as DHA and Omega-3 Fatty Acids from fish, to energize the mind and heighten logical reasoning.
  • STRESS AND MOOD SUPPORT – This supplement is a quality blend of herbs that help you maintain a stable and happy mood. It increases the secretion and transport of chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine, which work at improving your state of mind and maintaining a good mood. The DMoose Neuro Plus is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable depression, stress, or anxiety supplements. Bring the balance back to your life and savour every moment! 
  • BOOST ENERGY AND FOCUS – Get focused and energized without the adverse side effects of energy drinks using the DMoose Neuro Plus Brain and Focus Supplement. The formula contains ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B, and L-Glutamine.  They are purposeful at improving mental focus and physical energy and providing peak performance with regular use.
  • ALL NATURAL, EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS – Stop being a slave to medicines. This brain support supplement formulated with natural, non-habit forming ingredients that will allow you daily use without the risk of dependency. This all-natural vitamin, minerals, and herbs blend is enclosed in veggie capsules, which is not only organic and gluten-free but is also easier to swallow.

Regular price $19.99

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Boost Mental Performance, Improve Focused, and Stay Energized with the DMoose Neuro Plus Brain Health Supplement!

Stop filling your cabinets and countertops with several bottles and medicines. Enjoy the benefits of several brain support pills with this once-daily ‘Brain and Focus Formula’ by DMoose. The Neuro Plus Supplement supports the 6 indicators of optimal brain performance, i.e. focus, memory, learning, accuracy, concentration, and reasoning. This supplement is made using a powerful blend of essential nutrients, which support brain health, strengthen the immune system, and provide guaranteed results! Enhance mental performance naturally using the DMoose Neuro Plus Supplement.


01 Intended for Use by Persons Above 18

The Neuro Plus Supplement is to be used by persons above 18. It is advisable for children under 18, pregnant or nursing mothers, and individuals with a medical condition to consult a physician before use.

02 30 Servings per Container

One container of DMoose Neuro Plus contains 60 Capsules of Dietary Supplements. One serving is advised to be 2 capsules. For best results, take 2 capsules daily 20-30 min before a meal with an 8oz glass of water.

03 Boost Your Immune System

This DMoose Brain Support Supplement is specially formulated to improve your immunity alongside your brain health. The Vitamin C and Zinc present in the blend help support a healthy immune system!

04 Easy To Swallow Veggie Capsules

After thorough research, the perfect blend of ingredients for the Neuro Plus Supplement was created and enclosed in vegetable capsules. These veggie capsules are not only organic and gluten-free but also easier to swallow.

05 Made in the USA

The manufacturing of the DMoose Neuro Plus is carried in GMP-certified, FDA Registered facilities within The States, following strict purity standards. The best ingredients are curated from across the world. The product is lab-tested.


Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement guarantee.

Product Details:

Brain and Focus Formula
Improve Memory, Focus, and Clarity
All-Natural Vitamin, Mineral, and Herb Blend
Contains folic acid, L-Glutamine, Green Tea Extract and DMAE Bitartrate
Easy to Swallow Veggie Capsules
Contains Soy and Fish
60 Capsules of Dietary Supplement
30 Servings per Container

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Helps with anxiety too!
The best bang for your buck.
I can already tell that this product will change my life for the better
Pills that help your mind be clear
This stuff works for me. I'll stop taking when I die.