Ankle Straps For Cable Machine

Ankle Straps For Cable Machine

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Grey Camo


  • TONE AND TIGHTEN LOWER BODY MUSCLES: Kickback ankle straps help you target calf, lower leg, lower body, and even glute muscles to help tone, strengthen, and tighten muscle groups to create a leaner, stronger body.
  • MULTIPURPOSE GYM EXERCISE ROUTINES – Gym ankle straps can be used with most standard cable systems, functional and resistance trainers, and similar equipment for leg extension, leg curls, hip abductors, and glute workouts.
  • STRONG, STABLE RESILIENCE: We use a sweat resistant, breathable neoprene ankle cuff that’s easier on your body, reinforced steel double D ring and double stitching to ensure long lasting equipment strength, and wide fastening comfort.
  • CLASSIC COLORS AND PATTERNS: These ankle straps for men and women also come in both singles or pairs as well as a variety of fun colors you’ll love including American pride, black, pink, red, magenta, grey camo, blue, and cyan.

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We all long for having the perfect lower body. Acquiring the perfect blend of toned and muscular legs via conventional means is time-consuming and very monotonous. The DMoose Fitness Ankle Straps are designed to transform your workout routine with innovative ways so you sculpt your legs exactly the way you want. The ankle straps can be used anywhere, at any time. At home or at the gym, you will not want to skip ‘leg day’ once you get the hang of it.


01Improved Hook and Loop System

Manufactured with top-notch, premium-grade nylon, the ankle straps guarantee safety for its users. It is the perfect product for incorporating heavier weights in your leg workout regimen. The hook and the loop closure keep your legs steady so they don’t slip out and cause injury by maintaining balance against gravity.

02Stainless-Steel D-Rings

Adding extra weights for pulls and stretches for intense workouts is made extremely practical because of the improved fastening system and steel D-rings.

03Flexible, Comfortable Neoprene

The extra-wide ankle cuffs, made of a thick layer of breathable neoprene promises comfort on sensitive skin and evenly distributes pressure with every movement of the leg.

04Low-Impact Training

Work out how you want to by hooking up our ankle strap to your machine or a workout band for idealistic results in progressive resistance training.

05Proper Form and Leverage

The smart-fit ankle strap makes sure you are in total control of your workout by ensuring the perfect form in exercises such as leg raises, leg lifts and hip abductors. The ankle strap secures your leg in one to prevent it from rubbing or chaffing parts of your skin.


Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement guarantee.

Product Details:

Cable Machine Ankle Straps (Single or Pair)
Fully Adjustable Comfort Fit
Hook and Loop Closure Strap
Lightweight, Breathable Neoprene
Wide, Padded, Non-Slip Support
High-Grade Nylon with Double D-Rin

Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 10 x 0.2 inches ; 4.2 ounces

Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Perfect! High Quality!

Exactly what I needed to target muscles! Totally impressed with the quality as well!

Nice fit

I love the practicity and easyness they give me when doing my exercises. I still cannot vouch for the durability or weight they can hold (I used them with 20 lbs for glutes) because the gym where I go does not allow external accesories (very stupid in my opinion since they have awful "ankles straps") however I loved how they helped me with this :)

Solid Pair of Ankle Straps

I purchased this product to incorporate in my leg and ab routine. I'm very pleased with the D Moose Strap after two weeks of use. The straps construction is of high quality and there is enough Velcro to accommodate different ankle sizes. This is a solid pair of ankle straps.

Also, my home gym has three pairs of D Moose Ankle straps available for use. I personally wanted my own so you can say the straps were introduced to me with a strong recommendation.

Good and sturdy

Use these to do single arm pulls from the leg part of a multi-workout bench as well as single leg pulls. The cloth is double stitched around the metal clips, and has held up to 60-150lb single arm and leg pulls. Haven't had any issues with the Velcro wearing out yet, but I would think that would be the first part of the parts to go. Good items for the money.

Great for leg and lower body band strength training

I have been using resistance bands for strength training upper body for a while. Wanted to add leg and lower body workout so poked around on Amazon. DMoose ankle straps seemed what I needed. And Yes! These straps do the job. Easy to use and well made. I am a happy bandito (get it?). Thanks DMoose.

Leg day on 300

I LOVE these! Perfect for leg and glute day! Having my own set is clutch. You really just need one and can switch legs. But when I am at home (vs traveling) I keep both of them on at the gym so my flow is easier and I don’t have to remove and put them back on. The cable machine is much easier to use with these instead of sticking your feet into other accessories meant for arms. Sturdy, good feel.

Comfortable ankle cuffs!!

I actually really like these cuffs so far!! I have been looking for a pair of cuffs for leg day and I feel these have been meeting my expectations. I use them for hamstring curls, abductor exercises, and kick-backs and haven’t had an issue as of yet. I’m also not exceeding 20 kilograms on each leg, so as I go heavier, that may change. They seem to stay put and are very comfortable! I like to really rub the Velcro together as well so I make sure they are very secure!

Durable, comfortable, and just the right size

I used these the day after I received them. They were easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I could even wear them during my full workout and they weren't heavy and didn't get in the way of other things I was doing at the gym. I used them on the cable machine for my leg workout. By the time I got to the locker room, a young lady asked me where I got them from. The cool part is while they're not really "girly" looking, they're also not super masculine. They do what you need them to do.

Strong support, great cushion.

I was a tad weary at first because I was afraid they'd be flimsy but no, they provide excellent support and cushion. I didn't realize there was only one per package but other than that I'm super impressed. The color is really nice too and the velcro is strong and sturdy so you don't have to worry about them coming undone or sliding. Very happy with these.

It's great

I've been getting a great Glute workout with this Dmoose Fitness Ankle Strap. I no longer get frustrated looking all around the gym for the nasty straps that don't even work closely as good as this one. It's sturdy and I hope it will last me a long time because It will be in addition to my workout accessories. I will be checking out their other products since it seems like it's a great quality at a reasonable price.