Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Figure 8 Lifting Straps

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  • Reinforce Bar Grip Strength – Wrist straps for weight lifting and powerlifting help you maintain better grip and control over your deadlifts, shrugs, and barbell movements to improve form and stability.
  • Innovative Figure 8 Design – A smarter, more effective alternative to standard gym lifting straps these Figure 8 lifting wrist straps provide a more consistent grip over axel bars, fat bars, and even Olympic weightlifting bars.
  • Stronger, Heavier-Duty Resilience – We’ve reinforced the seams and the fabric to provide less stress and pressure on the joints but be able to withstand heavy lifting loads up to an amazing 1,000 lbs. to help you hit those big gains.
  • Comfortable Fit, Multiple Sizes – Our weight lifting straps come in sizes perfect for men and women weightlifters, powerlifters, strongmen, and CrossFit athletes to ensure proper comfort and support with every rep.

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Maximize Gains and Improve Lifting Stability with Rugged Figure 8 Lifting Straps from DMoose

When you’re an avid lifter putting heavy weight on the bar your grip can start to give long before you’ve hit what you can actually lift. That’s why you need lifting straps that help you gain that extra edge and hit new levels you couldn’t do alone. That’s why we created DMoose Figure 8 Lifting Straps for weightlifters, powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, and strongmen who want to maintain better form and control while staying safer while training or competing.


01True Athlete Support

From deadlifts to shrugs to heavy strongman lifts these all-purpose figure-8 lifting straps provide the right support and versatility for every athlete. And because they can fit Olympic, fat, and axel bars equally, they’re the smart choice for modern fitness.

02Max Heavy Lifts

The reinforced strap design is made specifically for heavy loads that come with strongman and powerlifting, which is why they can support up to 1000 lbs. each.

03Beginner and Pro Use

DMoose straps for weight lifting can be used by men or women just getting into powerlifting or at competition level events where straps are allowed.

04Long-Lasting Durability

We made DMoose Fitness lifting straps strong enough to outlast every lift, pull, and movement; even when the weight gets heavy. That means you’ll tire long before they wear out.

05Reduce Tears and Rips

When weight starts to get heavy your grip fails long before your overall strength does, which means a heavy bar can slip and cause skin tears and rips. Lifting straps give you better full body control over the bar to help reduce excess skin damage during lifts.


Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement guarantee.

Product Details:

Figure 8 Weight Lifting Straps (Pair)
Reinforced Seams and Heavy-Duty Fabric
Lightweight, Comfortable and Supportive
Available in Multiple Sizes
Support Male and Female Lifters

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Improve your pulls

Comfortable, true to size, provide great support for my lifts! Pulled a PR last night with them!!

Great for deadlifts

My husband and I do crossfit and I've always struggled with deadlifts. I am never able to get my form or my hands correct. We ordered these because the instructor recommended them to us to try. My deadlifts have improved tremendously. DMoose has great affordable fitness gear and these are no exception. I kind of get sketched out being tied to the bar tho but that is something I'm working on!

Great product


Comfortable product for help in exercising

Easy to use, comfortable and durable product.

Better than traditional straps!

So much easier to use than traditional straps! Also very comfortable.

Actually comfortable.

Used twice for heavy deadlift days over my traditional straps and these things held up at 465lb with no issue or tearing.


Bought these to use for deadlifting and haven’t looked back. Padded on your wrist , very comfortable and assist those with bad grip or those doing super heavy weight!

High quality and comfortable wrist wraps

High quality and comfortable wrist wraps! use these mainly for deadlifts and rows. They are secure and with the extra padding they do not bruise my wrist.

Great straps for deadlift

These straps do exactly what they are supposed to do. My deadlift has been getting to the weight where my grip gives out too quickly. So these straps are helping me to lift the heavier weights. They look good, and feel good.

Love the padded support

These are super sturdy. I have packed the bar with weight while using them and had no issues or concerns with them holding together. The padding makes these super comfortable for deadlifts