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      Arm Curl Blaster - DMoose Fitness

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      Arm Curl Blaster - DMoose Fitness

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      DMoose Fitness Arm Blaster

      DMoose Fitness Arm Blaster is classic adaption of old school weightlifting. It is made from thick laser-cut formed aluminium with a nylon strap. The equipment is designed to be worn around the neck when the lifter is performing biceps curls.  

      It will ensure that your arms remain tight against the body throughout the movement while also isolating the biceps to maximize the strength-building benefits of the workout. 

      Arm Blaster is an innovative way for preventing the arms from flaring out during heavyweight curls. This will help you concentrate all the strain and concentrated power into the biceps muscles and you will see the difference from day one. 

      With a unique design DMoose Arm Blaster encourages consistent and proper form while performing arm curls. The metal portion is positioned against upper abdominal muscles and is curved at each end. This will make it nearly impossible to flare the arms to the sides while wearing the equipment and the plus point is your upper arms will remain safely locked in the proper position. 

      Our nylon strap option is adjustable with buckle that locks it in place once the desired length is set. It includes your choice of colors (with DMoose branding across the front of the abdominal plate). 

      Colors: Silver, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Gray