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About Us

At DMoose Fitness, we believe in all the incredible things that normal people can do. Normal, everyday people ourselves, we believe in pushing ourselves constantly and in digging deep to figure out just what our true potential is. Based in Canada, we launched our brand to stand out from other fitness brands and support your "average" athletes, the ones who may have discovered their passion for fitness later in life or who work a regular job – and pursue fitness as a hobby. Whatever your story is, we are here for you. We are here to make outstanding fitness products widely available to anyone and everyone who needs them.

The fitness industry is, of course, notoriously exclusive. It seems that everywhere you go, you run into some sort of barrier, something that would discourage or prevent you from becoming the athlete that you have always dreamed of becoming. When we see this, we can't help but wonder Why? Why would anyone want to discourage someone else from living the happy, healthy lives that fitness makes possible? We just don't get it, which is why we must push back against it.

Our Product Line

Put simply, we sell fitness products. Really, though, we sell much more than that. We sell a whole lifestyle, a way of approaching each day and a way of negotiating with your body to reach all your fitness goals. Because you need the best products possible if you are going to become the best athlete possible, we refuse to compromise of quality. When you shop with DMoose Fitness, you know that you are getting nothing but the highest-quality products on the market. You can go as hard as you need to go, counting on our products to stand any normal stress tests you put them under.

To us, quality is something that you can't sacrifice. You have to be able to go into your workout feeling confident that your workout products are going to hold up. This is a core value of ours, and it is why we believe we are on course to conquer the sports and fitness industry. While other brands may be okay with putting out second-rate products, products that will almost get the job done, we are not. We will not accept anything but reliability, holding ourselves accountable – so that the DMoose Fitness name means something.

Support through Service

It all comes down to you and your needs. After our founder struggled to find a decent pair of lifting gloves, he knew that he had to do something. Everything that he bought didn't fit him, didn't work, fell apart, or cost too much. He found himself contacting manufacturers, trying to figure out what he could do differently. From there, DMoose Fitness was born – not out of business ambition but out of simple fitness necessity. Our founder was his own first customer, so early on, he recognized the value that he could offer to others – supporting them in their fitness journeys by serving them effectively.

Today, we are upholding this philosophy – support through service – and showing up when our customers need us most. DMoose Fitness products are top-quality products available at affordable prices and backed by our impeccable service. No sale ever ends at payment with DMoose: you can come back to us again and again, asking us for tips or asking us any questions that arise. Service is not just a buzzword at DMoose; it is the ground upon which we operate.

This is our mission: to offer great products that leave our everyday athletes satisfied. We will stop at nothing to make a positive impact on everyday athletes' lives, serving the fitness industry by breaking past its current limitations. There is no reason that fitness gear should remain out of anyone's reach due to cost or that it should be as unreliable as it is.

We can do better, and day by day, we find ourselves more driven than ever to build DMoose Fitness into a world-class brand. We believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing, and every time we step into the gym as a team, we are carrying our own products with us. That is how deeply we believe in what we are offering, using DMoose gear any time we can.

Strengthen, Condition, Repeat

What does your strength and conditioning routine look like? The odds are good that it is strenuous. If you have found your way here, then you are likely already on some sort of a routine. It is not enough to work hard, though. You need to work intelligently as well. Our products provide optimum comfort to enable above-and-beyond performance, helping you to achieve full efficiency regardless of your fitness level. For the strong, healthy lifestyle you have always imagined possible, DMoose Fitness is there to help.

These are not just fitness products but tools for constructing your new self. We know that you can reach your goals, and we want to show you the way there. We want to guide you forward and uncover an incredible truth for you – the athlete inside you who is waiting to burst free.

Contact Us

Above all else, DMoose Fitness is a brand that cares. We are always open to hearing any feedback or answering any questions. Whatever you want to chat about, go ahead and reach out to us. You can contact us at +1-833-366-6733 or hello@dmoosefitness.com whenever it is convenient for you