Product Description

  • A man and a woman holding their bodyweights by using DMoose suspension trainer

    Enhances Core Strength

    The bodyweight and suspension trainer is a revolutionary training tool that will help you get the abs you want in less time than ever before. It’s versatile, effective, and can be used by everyone, from beginners to experts. This tool is like having your very own personal trainer for an entire gym of exercises!

  • Perfect for All Seasons

    The suspension trainer for home is designed with top-quality nylon and is explicitly designed for the fitness fanatics to continue working out no matter what the season is. Whether you wish to work out indoors or outdoors, it will fit like a puzzle.

    2 woman and a man demonstrating use of DMoose bodyweight and suspension trainer
  • A woman showing Dmoose bodyweight & suspension trainer by holding her foot in air by using it

    Accommodates All Fitness Levels

    Whether you are a seasoned cross fitter or a beginner, our suspension straps are perfect for you. It allows you to perform all kinds of exercises, from stretching to squats to pull-ups.

  • Maximises Comfort Level

    Get all the benefits of a high-tech gym within the comfort of your home! The DMoose body suspension trainer lets you set it up in the lightest and leanest position with an anchor within seconds.

    A man tightning DMoose bodyweight & suspension trainer strap
  • A woman doing her bodyweight training using Dmoose suspension trainer

    Enhances Balance and Stability

    Looking to improve your balance and stability? Look no further than our bodyweight and suspension trainer! Our trainer is designed to enhance your balance and stability, making it the perfect choice for athletes or anyone looking for a more challenging workout.

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Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Jeffrey Kalk
Suspension trainer

It’s awesome! Very well made. In my opinion it’s every bit as good as the more expensive ones on the market. Buy this! You won’t regret it. Thanks for the excellent customer service!

Mercy for my knees!

I don’t know why I waited so long to order the Bodyweight & Suspension Trainer. My knees aren’t what they use to be and I’ve never been able to do pull-ups or push-ups, The Bodyweight & Suspension Trainer makes squats and push and pull ups so much easier!

This is Game Changer!!!!!

Loved this product so much where I can use it on a weekly basis in my home gym garage!!!

Professional Opinion

I purchased for my studio...I am a personal trainer
I like it a lot better than the TRX
It is well
I recommend

Highly recommended

The Straps get the job done as advertised. Moreover, the product is less expensive than similar products out there.

Easy and Convenient

The door set up seems pretty sturdy and it’s nice to be able to knock out a set or two at anytime.

Edgar E
Gift for my son

Bought this for my son. I have worked out with the Dmoose suspension trainer and it really gives your body a good work out. He likes that it travels well to use at work or at the gym. Worth it!

Erma J.
Great addition to exercise routine

Item is exactly as described. It took 10 mins to figure out how to do what wanted to do with it. Seems sturdy and it is a nice home addition to my routine. Good luck

Questions & Answers

Ask Us Anything

Yes, before mounting your suspension training plate, ensure that you are at the centre of the stud or ceiling. Measure seven or eight feet, depending on your height. Now place your mounting bracket with holes aligned with the centre of the stud, marking them for drilling your pilot hole. Drive quarter-inch holes for lag screws and tighten the bolts in place. Lastly, mount the strap, and you are all set.

The Bodyweight Trainer can hold a maximum user weight of 300 lbs.

The straps are three feet long. Use mid-length for standing exercises, fully shortened for row exercises, fully lengthened for pressing exercises, and mid-calf length for ground exercises.

Our convenient kit includes a separate attachment called door anchor. You can throw one end of the straps over the door frame with most suspension trainers or use a door anchor, which helps hold the suspension trainers in place..

To begin, grab the ropes and allow them to pull taught with your arms reached out in front of you. Scoot your feet about a foot in front of you if you can and allow yourself to lean back, using the ropes as stabilization. Pull your body forward by pulling your arms back with your shoulder blades pinched together, and your hands are holding the ropes on either side of your chest. Return to the start position.

Yes! The Bodyweight Trainer helps build lean muscle effectively. Training with it enables you to suspend from a rope, challenging your body to keep you stabilized. Although training may look easy, it packs a big punch when it comes to building muscle.

Yes! The Bodyweight Trainer hangs from the wall, and you can hold on to them either with your hands or feet through the loops and perform your desired suspension training workout. Unlike machines, it offers a great range of motion.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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