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Keto Drops

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  • KETOGENIC WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT – When combined with a proper ketogenic diet, the DMoose Keto Drops maintain your normal ketone levels and support a healthy weight loss process.
  • SUPPORTS FAT BURN – The DMoose Keto Drops allow you to reap the benefits of a well-planned Keto Diet while they help with keto crashes and fatigue. Use Keto Drops and make the most out of your Ketogenic Diet.
  • ENHANCE ENERGY AND FOCUS – The Keto Drops supports in utilizing fats for energy and reduces brain fog, a common side effect of Keto Diet, to increase focus.
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSANT – Manage your untimely food cravings with DMoose Keto Drops. It supports healthy metabolism and suppresses appetite to see the maximum results of your Keto Diet.

Regular price $34.99 $24.99 29% OFF

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Reap Maximum Benefits from Your Keto Diet and See Faster Results with DMoose Keto Drops

Keto Diet is famously used for its godly results, but the low intake of carbs and the symptoms caused by it can sometimes derail your progress. To counter the mind fog, food cravings, and dehydration, DMoose Nutrition has developed it’s Keto Drops – the perfect supplement to aid your Keto Diet. This optimal blend of nutrients powers you throughout the day and give you an easier and healthier fat burning process.


01 Persons Above 18

The Keto Drops are not intended to be used by persons under 18. Consult a physician before using the product if you have any medical condition, are pregnant, or nursing.

02 Servings per Container

One container of DMoose Keto Drops contains enough fluid for 40 servings. One adult serving is advised to be 30 drops.

03 Ketogenic Diet Supplement

The most effective Keto Supplement in the market, to support you with your ketogenic diet. It fights off the symptoms caused by Ketogenic, Low-Carb Diet such as brain fog, fatigue and low BHB levels to give you a healthier weight-loss routine.

04 Assists Fluid Retention

The key electrolytes and minerals in the DMoose Keto Drop help hydrate your body and fasten the oxygen and mineral transportation in your body to prevent muscle cramps, keto flu symptoms, and dehydration.

05 Raspberry Ketones

The Raspberry Ketones in DMoose Keto Drops burn fat faster than ever while maintaining a healthy metabolism. A healthier approach to burning excessive fat.

06 Mood Enhancer

Religiously sticking to our Keto Diet fogs up your mind and is bound to take a toll on your mood. The Keto Drops prevents energy depletion and electrolyte deficiencies, thus raising your mood.

Product Details:

Keto Drops Dietary Supplements
Raspberry Ketones
Natural Flavors
40 Servings per Container
2 FL oz. (60 ml)

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flattens my belly
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Weight is gone!
This DOES work!!
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