• A hand holding barbell while wearing DMOOSE leather weightlifting hand grips

    Say Goodbye To Chafing, Calluses

    Get rid of bruised hands full of calluses, aches and pains, slippery bars and weights, and injuries that make you slow. Wear out your muscles, not your hands! Ripped palms hurt the most. Push more reps to skyrocket your performance and maximize muscle pumps.

  • Unparalled Wrist Protection & Wrist Support

    Say no to painful hands and strained wrists that hold you back. Uniquely designed leather pull up hand grips offer both men and women the best cross-training experience with wrist support.

    A man doing core training using gymnastic rings while wearing DMOOOSE leather hand grips
  • Close view of hands wearing DMOOSE weightlifting leather hand grips

    Soft And Comfy, Yet Sturdy

    Have more time kicking butt and less time on the slides! The leather hand grips are easy to use, durable, and need no special care. High-quality, hypo-allergenic latex-free woven neoprene-like elastic holds more chalk for better grip than ever before.

  • Maximum Comfort

    The biggest problem is now solved thanks to our innovative design that includes an adjustable strap. The gym leather hand grips help keep your knee braces in place during intensive workouts for less break-in time, increased comfortability, and durability.

    A man holding barbell behind his neck while wearing DMOOOSE weightlifting leather hand grips
  • A woman holding gymnastic rings with her hands while wearing DMOOSE Leather weight lifting hand grips

    Anti-slip for Maximum Gains

    The fitness hand grips fit your hands perfectly with first use and give you an unbeatable firm hold on any bar. Worry about your form, not your fingers. The genuine anti-slip leather and reinforced stitching ensure that you count on your new palm grips for every rep of every set for a long time coming.

  • Highly Versatile Open Design Gloves

    Beginner or not, hand grips for bars are ideal for anyone who wants to protect hands and focus better on the workouts. The best leather hand grips for sale protect your hands and provide you with all the comfort you deserve.

    A man holding weight above his head by using his left hand while wearing DMOOSE Leather lifting hand grips

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Ask Us Anything

For cleaning them, wipe them down with a clean towel or rag and hot water. If the grips get too dirty, use rubbing alcohol instead of hot water.

Stick your hand through the loop. Bring it down from the top of your middle and ring your fingers right to the base. Make sure that it's nice and standard on your wrist.

The ideal gymnastic grips enable you to grab a pull-up bar, dumbbell kettlebell, and any high-intensity workout. They help prevent tears, or in the event, already ripped your palm, and protect your skin while healing.

Yes, the hand grippers not only improve your fingers' strength but also increase your agility over time. Wearing them will take all of the pressure off your hand and give you maximum grip.

All worked out muscles have the growth potential. So, yes, a hand gripper will aid in developing forearm muscles and a terminator handshake!

No, it is preferable to use leather gymnastics grips on hands two or three times per week. Taking a break in case of pain can heal and strengthen muscle.

No, but leather can hurt your arm if you are tightening your hold on the racquet.

Yes! The textured inner and outer layer of genuine leather hand grips enables you to get a good grip on the bar easily. The only downside is the lack of wrist support since this equipment's primary objective is hand protection, not wrist support.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Dawn M
love it !

i loved this product ! i’ve tried so many other products like this one and this is definitely worth the price you pay.

Use chalk

I have enjoyed these. They work well for crossfit. Just make sure you use chalk. Not just on the outside, but between the glove and your palm also. If well chalked, they work well.

Love that my hands can still breath

Comfortable and perfect for what I was looking for. Wasn't looking for something to grip, just protect my hands from calluses and tears

Excellent grips

Really great grips. Had to buy another pair because I lost one in a move. Bought the same pair without hesitation. Really good for pull ups and bar exercises.

Amazing product.

I love these! I was having a problem with pull ups and this made a difference. They are not like the other cheap ones out there. GREAT FOR CROSSFIT!

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