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Portable Home Gym Total Body Workout Kit | Lifting Belt + Knee Wraps + Lifting Hooks | Men & Women

Portable Home Gym Total Body Workout Kit | Lifting Belt + Knee Wraps + Lifting Hooks | Men & Women

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  • INCREASE STRENGTH AND POWER – Knee wraps for weightlifting men and women provide support during front and back squats, lunges, and bending and twisting movements with proper joint compression and flexibility.
  • SMARTER LOWER BACK STABILITY : This padded weight lifting belt can help you maintain proper posture when you’re doing deep, heavy squats, deadlifts, or other barbell workouts and need added support.
  • IMPROVED LIFTING STRENGTH AND STABILITY – These weight lifting hooks help improve your form, enhance grip strength, and reduce stress and tension during heavy lifts, powerlifting, or intense barbell movements for better safety and support.
  • GET YOUR E-BOOK: Our complimentary instruction guide and 14-page E-Book include illustrated exercises that you can do at home.

Regular price $99.99 $59.99 40% OFF

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Product Details:

Premium Fitness Knee Wraps (Pair)
Adjustable, Elastic Compression
Helps Improve Stability and Balance
Breathable Cotton Polyester Blend
Reinforced Double Stitching
Sweat and Moisture Wicking Fabric

Product Details:

Weightlifting Hook Grips (Pair)
Adjustable Wrist Support
Thick, Padded Neoprene (8mm)
Non-Slip Resistant Coating
Industrial-Grade Fastening Straps
Extra-Wood Hook Design
Rated for 600 lbs.

Product Details:

Adjustable Weightlifting Belt
Strong, Form-Fitting Design
Smart, Comfortable Support
Available in Multiple Colors
Home, Gym, and Travel Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Very happy with my purchase

I've been using it for several months, its solid. It does what a weight belt does. Stitching is good, the clips work well, no tares or noticeable imperfections. I have a fairly small waste (29-30) and it fits nicely. There's plenty of room for it to expand of course.

Works great!

At first I was concerned about the quality when it came in, but after a couple weeks and a multitude of workouts under my belt (pun intended), I love it! Chain is longer than others I've used in the past, but I see that as a positive, for it lends to the versatility. And the graphics look great!


Started doing weighted dips again and needed a belt. I saw this one and the quality looked good and it is! The price is very reasonable for what you get. I will post again in a few months about durability, but so far so good!

Helping me do heavier pulls ups and dips!

Great product if you want to slowly start to add weight to your pull ups and dips. The product is well built, chain is sturdy and if you don't want the weight to be too low you can double loop the chain to keep weight close to you.
Chain is long enough to add more than 1 plate if you want heavier weight. Again, great product. Highly recommended.

Lower back support and compression.

Very easy to put on and take off. This high quality belt was built to last and has a great design. I like the logo, too. The attached chain is very strong and has a carabiner on it.

Multi-use dipping belt.

So far, so good. I mainly use it for Donkey calf raises (modified version) I’ve loaded 90 lbs on it without any issues so far. Feels comfortable and durable. Definitely recommend.

Very sturdy belt

Used the belt for the first time yesterday, 4/28/19, and it is solid but comfortable. Had no trouble holding 2 plates. When I opened the package, I was surprised at how heavy duty it was built. Solid value for the price!

Great product!

Solid construction, nice wide belt, and comfortable... everything a dip belt should be. Never heard of DMoose, so I was skeptical at first, but for $15.00 I figured it was worth a shot. Have been using it for 4 months now, 4x a week, and it looks brand new. Since then I have purchased some DMoose lifting gloves, and I love them too. I'm diggin this company, glad I took a chance on them!


Got the Evel Kneivel-Globetrotters-Apollo Creed design. One word: sweet. Used it a couple of times. Sturdy, strong, comfortable. This little trick just changed my workouts for good. A Spartan racer, I can already tell that scaling those 8' walls is going to become a whole lot easier. especially late in the race. I can think of another dozen obstacles that will realize the benefit from using this belt. Both pull-ups and dips became a whole knew thing with this belt. Recommend.

Sturdy and comfortable

I bought this to add to my “gym” at home so I can do weighted pull-ups and dips. It is comfortable and works as it’s intended. The chain won’t fit through some of my weights that have smaller holes but it isn’t a problem since I have other weights that do work. Just something to keep in mind. I’ve only had this belt for about a month but it seems sturdy enough to last as long as you don’t completely overload it. This is the second product I’ve purchased from this company and I’m very pleased with both products.