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  • Build your desired strong core

    Bomb abs, chiselled muscles and a Herculean core is why everyone is hitting the gym these days. The premium hanging arm straps help you tone, strengthen, and shred your core abdominal muscles to create a leaner, more robust and sexier you. Get ready to stand out amongst the crowd!

  • Versatile hanging options

    These pull up bar straps can be hung up anywhere to help you to get the perfect workouts you need to build a robust, tighter, more well-defined core, including pull and chin-up bars, Cross Fit rigs, or multi-gym bars. No more excuses to miss out the workouts!

  • Heavy-duty weight support

    Made with tear-resistant material, the ab straps for pull up bar (or wherever you are hanging them) can lift up to 400lbs! Now, no matter how much you weigh, you have a chance to achieve your dream, well-sculpted body without any worry.

  • Reinforced double stitching

    Ab straps can survive the most intense workouts, thanks to extra-wide straps, thicker edge to edge elbow padding, rip and sweat-resistant nylon, and steel carabiners. Train without the worry of your equipment getting damaged and feel comfortable during every rep!

  • Multipurpose home and gym use

    Your busy routine is not letting you visit the gym? Well, you can create the strongest and sexiest version of yourself even at home! Use the arm straps for leg lifts, leg raises and vertical crunches at home just by hanging them somewhere. Never let your hectic schedule interfere with your fitness regime!

  • Witness the rapid impact!

    Just 3 to 5 minutes workouts with hanging ab straps produces great results! During these brief workouts, your stomach muscles strengthen and you can witness a chiseled midsection of your body! Not only this, but you also achieve an efficient basal metabolism! We believe in creating all-rounder products for you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Came on time and work as promised. They are easy to store in my gym bag.

Great product

Loved it!

Great product

This is just what I wanted! Very well described!


Comfortable. Takes stress off of elbows while doing hanging ab exercises.

Worth every penny…

These are awesome, as advertised. Super sturdy and comfortable.


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