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  • Don’t Forget To Drink Water

    Keeping yourself hydrated all day long can be difficult, but it’s extremely important! You can use this shaker bottle at home if you're the type of person who forgets to drink water. Workout shaker bottle allows you to stay hydrated before and after your workout. Use this bottle for water, juices, or shakes!

  • Lump-Free, Smooth Mixing

    Mixing up fine powder proteins can result in lumps, which is not very good. No, don't take out your blender that quick! Use the bottle shaker, which comes with a stainless-steel shaker ball. This ensures all your protein powder is blended up nice, perfect, and creamy.

  • For Fitness Freaks & Their Supplements

    If you’re worried about taking your supplements on time, then this protein bottle is for you to use in training! You can use this mixer bottle at home or the gym to remember taking your supplements. Now stay hydrated, healthy, and organized with this one product added to your collection.

  • Easy Use On The Go

    No one wants to make a lot of effort after immediately getting out of bed. We have the solution! Protein powder shaker is easy to use for a quick fix when you’re running late or feeling lazy, without much activity. You can take this with you while running or performing high-intensity workouts!

  • Firm And Sturdy Grip

    Our premium quality shaker bottle is easy to hold on to while running and post-workout. If you're worried about it slipping off your sweaty hands, don't be. This bottle will allow you a firmer grip for use at the gym, along with keeping you hydrated.

  • Durable, Compact And Safe

    The deluxe quality plastic used is made with safe ingredients, and you won't taste it while drinking your liquids! The bottle design allows you more comfortable cleaning, and the plastic can stand boiling hot water. What are you waiting for? Buy sports shaker now and keep your body hydrated all day long.

Ask Us Anything

You can use the dishwasher to clean all contents of the shaker bottle except for the stainless-steel shaker ball. It should be cleaned by hand using normal dish soap. You should try to clean your bottle immediately after use or it can retain odor.

Add in your warm liquid and mix in your protein powder. Then, close the lid with the shaker ball inside and start shaking your bottle. Seal the cap tightly, and once you’re done shaking, voila! Lump-free smoothly mixed protein shakes.

Protein shaker bottles are extremely necessary when you want to quickly whip up protein shakes and don’t want the hassle of taking the blender out. It can also help whenever you’re in a hurry or running late, you can take it to-go.

The shaker cup and the cap can go into the dishwasher except for the shaker ball that needs hand cleaning. Generally, we don’t recommend putting a shaker bottle in the freezer since it’s made up of plastic and is likely to become brittle.

The top and the shaker cup are made up of premium plastic, while the shaker ball used to mix shakes is made up of stainless steel.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Good Buy!

Bought this for my boyfriend. He's been working out every day and uses this for his protein shakes in the mornings and/or evenings. It's never leaked while shaking, and it's very easy to clean. The only hard part to clean is the inside of the lid. There's a big of space, but I just use chopsticks on the inside once a week and that works perfectly. Highly recommend this item.

Great Purchase!!

Absolutely love these! They are so motivation and pretty! Plus they work just as good as any bigger brand! Definitely worth the purchase and would buy again!

Ultimate Status Symbol

Looking to make new friends at the gym? Want all eyes on you? Don't want thick chunky protein shake all up in your mouth? This is what you need.

Works well

Make sure the flap is fully closed before you shake, but that's more of a user error than a flaw in the product. Works very well and is easy to clean


Love my new bottle and I can’t wait to personalize it with some decals. The only thing I will say is, if it matters to you, the white is a clear white. I thought it’d be solid to where you couldn’t see the drink inside.


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