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  • Workout Anywhere, Anytime!

    Now working out and getting fit doesn’t require a gym membership or any other excuse. Therapy bands are the perfect and versatile equipment for your Home, gym, and outdoor. With a few sets of workout therapy resistance bands, you can build a total-body routine that burns calories & tone your muscles.

  • Perfect For Various Exercises!

    These incredible therapy bands are not perfect for yoga-lovers only! They also help users to rehabilitate injuries and enhance athletic performance and are ideal for Rehab and Pilates as well. This ideal tool helps you perform different exercises with good form and without injury.

  • Best Quality, Design & Durability!

    The odorless rubber, eco-friendly latex, and easy-to-wear comfortable fitting all add to the charm. Extraordinarily durable and rip-resistant physical therapy exercise bands provide strength and flexibility no matter how hard you stretch them. Perfect insurance to a smooth old age!

  • Get The Ultimate Benefits!

    A significant increase in mobility, range of motion, and bone strength is something you’ll experience using these bands. Useful for speed, agility drills, and core activation. There is no correct way to use them! Wrap them around your hand, or tie a knot to make it function like a loop band and get started.

  • Works On Every Muscle Group!

    Therapy bands come in various resistances; the thicker the band’s width, the harder it is to stretch it, and the farther you pull the band, the heavier the resistance feels. You need a variety of them to work on different muscle groups. These bands provide muscle stimulus and more exercise options.

  • Ideal For All Fitness Levels!

    These bands are available in five colors representing different tensile forces. Both men and women can get benefit from these physical therapy bands for sale. You can use them according to your daily exercise or regular training. The extra resistance levels make these resistance bands perfect for all fitness levels, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned athlete!

Ask Us Anything

Therapy bands are made from pure latex and synthetic rubber, widely used for stretching and flexibility.

Hands should mildly wash the therapy bands with some hot water and dish wash. Afterward, it should be dried by a towel and further left outdoor overnight for appreciable results.

The therapy bands typically have the same benefits as physical therapy or injury recovery bands; to help muscular injuries by building strength gradually.

Yes, therapy bands are machine washable but gently and politely with a low setting and mere with a little amount of detergent to keep the band’s resistance and flexibility sustained.

The elastic band therapy is super feasible. It works great for muscle workouts; it gradually improves muscle functioning and efficiently helps you achieve larger muscles.

Resistance bands are generally used to make up muscle strength and flexibility. They usually vary in color, size, and shape; whereas, therapy bands are gentle and mild on the body and are mainly used to lower the risk of injuries and therapy purposes.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Long, and stretchy, looks great and does not have that rubber smell.

Works as intended and i stretched them really long and hard and they returned to size without ripping or getting loose. Great all around.

Great quality bands.

This set is great. You can really feel the difference in tension from the light to heavy bands. My last set felt like all the same resistance and was three times the price.

Quality band

I needed a replacement resistance band for my wife because my son destroyed her other one. She says that the DMoose band is high quality and likes it. We have other DMoose products as well and we are never disappointed.

Great Resistance Bands for Stretching and Strength Building

I was happy to find this therapy hands to help with my pre and post workout stretching and recovery.

They are flexible give me just the right amount of grip.

Now I can get a bit more leverage on my legs and feet for deeper stretches.
I am sure I will get another color for a different resistance.

Good quality latex band

I was most worried about the smell. It didn't smell at all. The band itself is relatively wide, which makes it more versatile. I'm using it right now for ankle exercises and it is working great. The medium band feels like a few pounds of resistance and seems to be holding its elasticity very well.


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