• A man lifting weight while wearing DMOOSE cross training gloves

    Raise Your Bars Higher

    The premium weightlifting gloves by DMoose are uniquely designed to cover the entire palm and the thumb of your hand. The silicone printed palms with padding enhance the grip, so you can enjoy lifting heavy weights for longer sessions without fearing injuries.

  • Enjoy Lifting Heavier Weights Without Risking Wrist Injuries!

    When it comes to lifting heavy weights, spraining and straining the wrists is a common incident. Using the ultimate DMoose ventilated grips with adjustable wrist wraps mimic the actions of an added ligament to your wrist and protect it from any strains and sprains easily.

    A woman holding dumbbells in the air while wearing DMOOSE CrossFit Training Gloves in her hand
  • A man lifting weight while wearing DMOOSE CrossFit Training Gloves on his hands

    Ensures a Perfect Grip!

    The ventilated grips are a uniquely designed gym accessory for all the lifters with adjustable wrist wraps and palm and thumb support offering a variety of uses. Whether you’re learning cross fit, power training or lifting heavy dumbbells and barbells, these gloves are meant for you to enjoy your training sessions with a perfect grip.

  • Provides Maximum Comfort!

    The unique palm and open hand design keeps the sweat away, while the strategically added wrist wraps allow you to adjust the comfort level for a snug fit and a comfortable lifting session.

    A strong man holding a weighted barbell behind his neck while wearing DMOOSE cross-training gloves
  • Close view of DMOOSE Cross training gloves which are used for weightlifting & CrossFit Training

    Ensures Complete Protection!

    The ultimate lifting grips are uniquely designed to provide complete protection to your palms against calluses and blisters without restricting your hand movements.

  • Enhance Your Grip Strength

    The most important feature of ventilated grips and why lifters wear lifting gloves are for comfort grip. The attached wrist wraps on DMoose ventilated grips ensure a snug fit and firm support so you can enjoy a strong grip and lift heavier weights without thinking twice!

    A man doing workout with dumbbell while wearing DMOOSE croosfit training gloves

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Ask Us Anything

The glove size can be measured by the guide attached in the pictures.

Yes, these are machine washable.

The ventilated grips by DMoose are sold in pairs.

The padding is just the perfect amount. It’s thin enough for you to enjoy an enhanced grip and thick enough to protect youth and from feeling any harsh or rough surfaces.

Yes, the open fingers and full palm coverage ensures free movement of fingers and a great grip on gym equipment like kettlebells.

The ventilated grips are perfect for weight training, weightlifting, fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, cross training, WODs, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench press, pull ups, rope climbing and many more.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Abby M
Excellent customer service..

Gloves felt good during training. I ordered a size too small, but a new pair were sent out the same day I notified the CS.

Great Workout Gloves!!

I had the gloves for a month now and they holding up no rips no nothing just great

Griptasticly amazing!!

Very good grip and helps with sweaty palms, the med were a lil small but I think a large will work better and better grip

Paul S
Functional, durable and cute.

You can workout like a boss and look cute at the same time. Go for it. Don’t hesitate.

Helpful to me in workout sesh

Got this pair of gloves for workout. They help a lot when I lift heavy weights and also give stronger resistance so that the weights are easy to carry.

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