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Importance of Testosterone in a Man’s Life


Importance of Testosterone in a Man’s Life
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Have you ever wondered why we men need testosterone?

Testosterone plays a vital role in our lives. It’s a sex hormone that is essential for a men and their growth.

Scientists even state it’s responsible for sex drives, the increase of bone mass, the distribution of body fat, and the increase of muscle mass and strength.

Testosterone also plays an essential role in the production of red blood cells and your sperm.

Undoubtedly, you simply can’t ignore the importance of this hormone in your body!!!

In short, without testosterone in a man’s body, it would be like a weapon without ammunition.

Through this article, you’ll be guided with all the ins and outs of the importance of testosterone in your life.

Significance of Testosterone in a Man’s Life

This hormone carries a lot of responsibility for the development of our bodies. Not only that, it would have been impossible to think about body growth without testosterone.

Where It is Made: The testosterones are produced in the testicles. If you ever go for testosterone therapy, then you’ll notice that your testicles will become compact and squashy.

Helps in Sperm Production: Testosterone is responsible for sperm production in the testicles. Moreover, it keeps on producing as long as the level of this hormone is steady and stable.

Growth of Penis and Testicles: When you reach your teenage, this hormone encourages the penis and the testicles to grow and become more mature.

Sexual Attraction: As the flow of testosterone increases and matures, this enables you to have sexual drives. And you feel physically attracted to your opposite sex.

Affects Your Behavior: You’ll notice competitive or aggressive behavior within you because of high testosterone flow. If the testosterone level is low, this trait is comparatively less.

Body and Facial Hair Growth: The body's and facial hair growth is due to testosterone. If you have a dense beard or body hair, then it’s due to the abundance of testosterone. On the other hand, if you have no body hair or you are losing your body hair, it’s due to the dropping of this hormone.

Growth of Muscle Mass and Fat Metabolism: Testosterone hormone plays a vital role in developing your muscles and making them dense. Even it helps to burn the fat of the body more effectively. This hormone even helps in strengthening

How Does Testosterone Affect the Body?

Testosterone is an essential hormone for the male body. The level of this hormone rises when you hit the puberty stage. And this level stays at the top during the end days of teenage and then slowly starts to stabilize.

When you get to the mid-30s, testosterone levels deteriorate yearly.

Most men already have enough testosterone in their bodies. But there might be chances that your body might not be able to produce sufficient testosterone. This condition that lacks sufficient testosterone is called “hypogonadism.”

But no need to worry as this condition can be treated with “hormonal therapy.” Although do keep in mind to always ask your doctor before going for any therapy!!!

If you have stable testosterone levels, then there’s no need for you to undergo this therapy.

How Does Light Therapy Affect Testosterone Levels?

Light therapy mimics the light of the sun; hence, It can be used for boosting testosterone.

This therapy has a lamp that emits a bright light. Bright light therapy can come in handy in many ways. It’s very famous for its ability to act as a remedy for depression, stress, and insomnia.

Bright light therapy also plays a vital role in increasing your testosterone levels. It stimulates the testicular proteins, which in turn increases the production of testosterone.

Doctors are still researching to bring out more information about the relationship between testosterone and light therapy.

Testosterone Has Been Working Even Before You Were Born!!!!!

Did you know that even when you were in your mother’s womb, testosterone has always been there?

-Yes, it’s true!!!

Even when you were not born, testosterone was responsible for forming your genitals.

The brain instructs the pituitary gland about the amount of testosterone needed for your body. The gland then transfers the message to your testicles which then starts producing testosterone.

Although it’s a wrong concept that “testicles produce all the testosterone,”- that's not true!!

A slight amount of testosterone is produced by the adrenal glands in the kidneys. But the majority of this hormone is made in the testicles!!!!

When we reach puberty, testosterone takes the responsibility of making our voice deeper, helping to grow facial and body hair. And this level of testosterone reaches its peak during the early 20s. And it starts to level down after the 30s!!!

Plays an Essential Part in Reproduction System

Have you ever heard people having issues regarding penis erection?

-This condition is called Erectile Dysfunction

And one of the primary reasons for this condition is low testosterone levels. And it really can be a headache for many men. The lack of testosterone levels causes insufficient growth of the penis and testicles.

Erectile Dysfunction has a destructive impact on many marital relationships as well. So this condition can’t be taken lightly!!!

Although doctors have come out with the solution that this condition can be cured by testosterone therapy.

But there’s also a side-effect to this therapy. If you take this therapy for a more extended period, there are chances for your prostate gland to increase and cause your testicles to become smaller and softer.

The Connection of Testosterone With Sexual Life

If you are an adult, then you must have sexual drives once in a while!!!

On the other hand, if you are low on testosterone levels, there are chances your sexual desires might fall. In short, you won’t feel aroused for sex!!

The levels of testosterone might fall if you were not active in sexual relationships for a long time. And these low sex drives can also be a massive factor for erectile dysfunction.

So always seek your doctor’s help if you are having any of these issues.


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