Freedom through fitness

our mission

To help you experience freedom through fitness and lead a healthy and balanced life by providing you with the education, motivation and tools you need to achieve your fitness goals and reach full life balance.

We are MOTIVATIONAL, GENEROUS AND OF INTEGRITY. We can be trusted to always give back, to keep our customers best interests in mind and provide the tools they need to make big changes in their lives.

We want our clients to feel EXCITED, FULFILED AND ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Transformation is hard, but we do it so we can look back and feel proud of where we’ve come. That’s what we help our customers achieve. That’s how we want them to feel.

our values


Family is about bonds, infinite support, unconditional love, limitless value, andutmost respect. What really matters for your happiness in the long run is your Family So, a family is the first F one should care about. Your family is the soul of your body. And, if your soul is not at rest, then you simply cannot live a satisfying life. That is why Family is one of our key F’s for a happy, balanced life.


Both the soul and body go hand in hand. You can’t lead a balanced life if your body is unfit and in bad shape. So, here comes the other F, which is Fitness. Fitness is not only about lifting weights and how far we can run. Fitness is about keeping your body moving and loving the body you are in. Being fit doesn’t mean to follow a map to be Usain Bolt in the Olympics or a heavy weightlifter, but it implies being in perfect shape and leading a cherishing life.


The third F covers a broad horizon of aspects- its Freedom. The definition of freedom changes with one’s perception throughout life. We at DMoose believe that everyone deserves the Freedom of choice; when you truly have the freedom to be who you want to be, unapologetically, that is when only you can fulfill the happy, balanced life. That is why Freedom is one of our key F’s for a happy, balanced life.

our founder

Mussayab Ehtesham (a.k.a. Moose) is an engineer, entrepreneur, and visionary behind DMoose. Born in Pakistan, Mussayab knows first-hand how life can put limitations on us. He knows what’s it like to fight for every accomplishment.

Mussayab holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Western Ontario and worked for nine years as a Project Manager in the Automotive Consulting industry before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey.

In 2016 he was diagnosed with H. Pylori bacterial infection and later with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). While doctors told him that IBS is not treatable, he did not accept that as his fate and started seeking his own wellness solutions. He focused on the holistic approach and used natural remedies to cure his IBS.

Mussayab recovered himself fully after two years and fell in love with the health and fitness journey. While doing his research, he noticed that the health and fitness industry had scattered information.

Some companies are selling information, some are selling products, and there is no single platform to get the information you need to start your fitness journey. So, he began on a mission to create a platform where people can come and get all the information and tools they need related to health and fitness rather than going from one place to another.

Today, his innovation, DMoose, supports everyday people worldwide in creating healthy, balanced lives.

"We believe you can accomplish your dreams, no matter where you start. We believe you can face any challenge and persevere until you win. We believe in the value of life-long learning, curiosity, and growth. We don't tolerate excuses. We keep pushing forward to earn our goals, and we help others do the same."

- Mussayab Ehtesham, Founder, DMoose.

our history

Since DMoose first opened in 2017, we’ve been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers. Our business is the result of our owner’s visionary leadership, along with team of associates focused on helping customers and communities live a healthy and balanced life. DMoose’s history is more than just the products we’ve built, the partnerships we’ve made and the customers we’ve served. So much of our history is in the details. See how DMoose began, how we’ve grown and how our leadership has changed the fitness industry.

  • Founded and Launched on Amazon
  • Hired First Employee
  • Served Over 100,000 Customers
  • Launched DMoose Website
  • Released Our Supplements Line
  • Launched Boxing Series
  • Launched Heavy Weightlifting Equipment Line

our approach

DMoose helps people live a healthy and balanced life. DMoose delivers this promise by providing the education, motivation and the tools to millions of customers across the world. Our unique global perspective makes it possible to see connections that others cannot and to bring innovations to market that make life easier for our customers. In addition, we’re building strategic partnerships through equity investments to support our core business. Our investment in energy efficient manufacturing and fulfilment centers can save customers money and minimizes our own environmental footprint. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and procedures in USA, China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam and Pakistan.

our locations

For our customers, it’s as easy as a tap on their screen. But what goes on behind the scenes? The short answer: a ton of people power, highly efficient fulfillment centers dedicated to e-commerce, a world-class shipping and a touch of magic. With cutting-edge systems and unrivaled scale, we’re able to serve customers quickly.

  • Our newest e-commerce fulfilment partners are capable of shipping and handling thousands of items a day.
  • Our operations are strategically located across the U.S. to give us very quick and highly efficient access to U.S. customers using ground shipping.

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