• Provides Increased Range of Motion

    The Lever Belt is a high-quality, suede leather belt that provides you with an increased range of motion without sacrificing support. It's the perfect choice for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and CrossFit athletes!

  • Ensures a Comfortable Lifting Experience

    The 10mm thickness of the lever lifting belt conforms to your body shape and is considered by some to be the most comfortable belt for lifting. Our unique lever system allows you to adjust the size of your lever belt at any time, ensuring a secure fit while lifting.

  • Allows You to Easily Tighten Your Belt

    The Lever Belt is the only belt to use a lever system for tightening. The lever system of the DMoose lever belt allows you to tighten your belt easily with the push of a lever. No more fumbling with buttons or buckles, just one simple motion, and your belt is tight!

  • Easily Adjustable

    The lever belt is the most convenient and comfortable belt you will ever own. The belt comes with a reliable lever that enables you to loosen your belt without removing it. The unique design of this belt allows for easy adjustment while staying fastened throughout the day. It means no more jingling, no looser pants, and no more belts that are too tight!

  • Can Adjust Your Waist Better

    The adjustable lever belt is a revolutionary new belt that gives you the power to tighten or loosen your belt by simply moving one lever. With Lever Belt, there's no need to fish around for holes, and you can adjust your waist size up to three inches tighter than with a standard buckle. Whether you are thin or heavy, if you want an easy way to lose weight and change your body, try on a Lever Belt by DMoose today!