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  • A back tattooed bodybuilder wearing DMoose weightlifting straps during a workout

    Less gear, more gain

    The weight lifting wrist straps allow you to carry less equipment with yourself and perform more extra- growth-producing reps, leading towards improved muscle size and strength. Whether you use them while exercising with dumbbells or barbells, you are bound to create extra robust, Herculean muscles.

  • Provides Utmost Grip

    One outstanding benefit of using a wrist wrap, whether for CrossFit, bodybuilding or, weightlifting, is that it provides you with an immense grip on your weights and equipment. Now you have to worry less about slipping and more about getting gains and your training's desired outcomes!

    A bodybuilder with a tattoo on his arm wearing DMoose weightlifting straps and lifting weight
  • A muscular man with a gray ring on his finger gripping a weightlifting bar and wearing a heavy weight

    High quality and durable

    It is far too easy to find the cheapest products in the market, but when it comes to quality, everybody fails! DMoose Lifting Straps, made with the most high-grade quality material, is a necessity built to last through the most challenging training sessions without tearing or ripping apart.

  • High-grade comfort

    Designed for all the weightlifters, these wrist straps for lifting feature a thick neoprene padding that protects your hands from workout injuries, blisters, and irritation. The reinforced cotton webbing guarantees stability and bar control during all your workouts. Comfortable workouts are the new trend!

  • A fit woman pulling weight by using lifting straps

    Ideal tightness

    With the long and adjustable loop design, you will get a better grip on anything you want to lift. You can adjust the lifting straps to your exact liking and comfort and achieve absolute tightness on the wrist for better performance during your workouts.

  • Your ultimate wrist support system

    The lifting straps allow you to say goodbye to your grip fatigue, achieve better stability during workouts and high intensity yet comfortable training regimes either at the gym or at home! Stay in the most upright position while lifting and witness the miracles happening!

    A woman and man doing lunges wearing DMoose weight lifting straps and holding dumbbells

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Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 416 reviews
Tam Garcia
Awesome AND Comfortable Wrist Straps

Some days you feel like nothing can hold you back, and other days you need a little bit of help. On the days where I've got plenty of gas in the tank but my Kung-Fu grip starts to slip it's nice to have a little back up tool to help me finish my sets. These straps are super comfortable and can take a beating. I highly recommend.

Harriet Sharp
Excellent straps for bodybuilding

Had the camo ones but they tore while rack pulling 965lbs, had them for about 5 months of twice a week abuse so I'm not totally shocked. They held up deadline 700 and 750 on the ground. For bodybuilding these are great, maybe not the best if you are a powerlifter. Just got the blue ones and best thing I can see is they don't need to be "broke" in like a lot of straps. Came out of the package ready. Excellent straps. Probably max they can stand is around 950lbs.

Brad S
High quality

I decided to buy a pair of these. Was not disappointed when i receieved the product. Came in official Dmoose packaging. High quality stuff

Susan J
Good support easy to put on

My kid plays tennis and got injured at his right wrist. He’s being using it every time he plays or works out. Offers good support and it is easy to put on.

james K
Great colors

Great color variations, i ordered military green super happy with quality. Will now order american ones

Michael D
OMG m in love with these!

Thanks to these lifting straps, I was able to hit a new deadlift PR! I’ve always used my hand, no gloves for grip and constantly felt like I was dropping the bar because I have small hands. These straps made me feel like I had that bar and could keep it up! Omg in love with these!

Ruth Jackson
Great Straps

Great straps - love the padding - super soft right from the packaging. Didn't need much breaking in. Straps had me deadlifting an extra 50lbs on the first use.

Christopher Ellison
Great product

We got these and had several competitors use them in our powerlifting and strongman contests. After heavy use they still look brand new. They are comfortable and held up great! YouTube video placeholder

Questions & Answers

Ask Us Anything

You wear one strap on each hand, putting the loop around your wrist and wrapping the loose end around a barbell, dumbbell, etc. This creates a connection between your hand and the bar that's stronger than the strength of your fingers.

Since you will use more weight than our grips can handle in those movements, it is best to use straps. Straps are also used when doing repetition snatches and clean or from the hang or the blocks.

When you perform a pulling movement or posterior chain exercise with heavier weights, your grip will often give out; before your upper back, traps, lats, or hamstrings are even targeted. To combat this, we highly recommend using lifting straps.

Straps serve the purpose of keeping the grip strong and secure so that the bar does not slip. In the pull portion, the lifter creates a tremendous amount of power output. Straps keep the bar secure in the lifter's hands; this is exactly why you should use the Lifting Straps!

Although calluses are the mark of a true lifter, it is always better to prevent them! Lifting straps are beneficial as they help gain strength during prep sessions and help reduce hand calluses and blisters.

Straps can be miraculous for the powerlifters when it comes to heaviest lifts and injury prevention from lifting those weights! The best option would be bringing out the straps for your heaviest work sets and pulling RAW for your warm-up and back offsets.

Suppose you're looking to grow muscle size and improve your strength in your upper back, traps, and hamstrings. In that case, you should do exercises like deadlifts, shrugs, barbell or dumbbell rows, or rack pulls using the Lifting straps.

Well, it depends on what your goals are! If your goal is to build a lean and muscular looking physique and don't care about grip strength that much, then don't be afraid of using straps. I f you are building strength for a competition where straps aren't allowed, you'll have to practice pull-ups without the straps. However, if your grip strength is way behind your true potential when in a competition, then the straps have to come into play during practice as well!

Wrist wraps for Cross fitters can be incredibly important. They can protect your wrists and keep you injury-free. You add support, strength, and stability to your wrists - which are often under intense stress when completing CrossFit movements.

Lifting straps work miraculously when you've gained enough strength to lift heavier weights but find that your hand grip isn't strong enough to hold weights for exercises.

Straps allow you to lift with relaxed arms, allowing you to shift the tension somewhere else. This is useful for a bodybuilder on rowing and pulling movements if they have dominant biceps that tend to take over. Straps make it possible to continue doing heavy lifting work even with busted hands.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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