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  • Super Elastic & Flexible

    DMoose Elbow Wraps for weightlifting are convenient and super easy to use. It supports your elbow and boosts your upper body strength while lifting weight. You can adjust these wraps according to your own needs as it is a 4-way stretchy material.

  • Support & Protect Your Muscles

    These Elbow Wraps stabilize your elbow and reduce the chance of injuries by protecting arm muscles and tendons during heavier pressing or pushing movements. Elbow Wraps for powerlifting is an absolute necessity because it gives better protection and reduces discomfort.

  • Comfortable Sweat-Free Feel

    The Wraps’ material is lightweight as it is made up of polyester and cotton. It can absorb your sweat without leaving any stain or marks on your body. DMoose Elbow Wraps are designed to give you maximum comfort so you can wear them all day long.

  • Achieve Maximum Strength

    Our Elbow Wraps provide maximum support and improve blood circulation by increasing your performance. It reduces the chances of injuries and keeps you away from inflamed joints, strains, aches, and stabilizes your elbow while doing any exercise.

  • Perfect Fit for Every Workout

    Enjoy exceptional elbow support while still maintaining your peak performance and the full range of arm motion! These Wraps are suitable for bodybuilding, CrossFit training, Powerlifting, and exercises that involve your arms. You’ll be able to stay active and enjoy the benefits of relief from joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, golf elbow, and tendonitis.

  • Freedom from Elbow Pain

    Not giving desired care to your elbows can prove to be regretful later. You surely deserve to enjoy your life in every way. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step, buy elbow wraps now and prevent your muscles from tightening up.

Ask Us Anything

They provide compression and stability to your muscles and tendons in the forearm and triceps that stress the joints.

Yes! If the compression is tight enough for your muscles and elbow, elbow wraps will assist your movement and provide more stability during the workout.

Elbow wraps aren’t allowed in Powerlifting.

They provide relief from various elbow-related injuries such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, etc. These wraps also provide additional stability to the muscles and tendons in the forearm and triceps, which takes stress off the joint itself.

Yes, it supports your triceps tendonitis.

Avoid repetitive activity and rest the arm. Put ice packs and use elbow wraps to reduce inflammation.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great buy! Won’t be disappointed!

Boyfriend loves them!!! Think they are the best and uses them faithfully!!! Great buy!!!

My aching elbows are happy now!

Really like these a lot. They have helped me come back from injuries to my elbows. They also help with heavy benching. I've been able to do some things I had to stop doing. Reduces pain when doing tricep work and benching. Great product and excellent price!

Perfect for superior elbow support!

These elbow wraps are awesome!! Just what I was looking for. They did come with the loops attached to the ends of the wraps. You simply slide one end through the loop, put your arm in and wrap your elbow as tight as you want. And when I say tight, these things will cut off your blood supply! .. If you want. Very strong and Velcro is really good too. Perfect for lifting heavy!!!

Great purchase.

Great wraps for benching. Quite contrary to what I heard from other lifters was how hard these were to put on but I found a easy way to do it.. Had no elbow pain after my heavy tricep and chest session.


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