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  • Comfort Fit

    Made with 8mm thick premium neoprene that is amply padded for maximum comfort, our neoprene wrist wraps are extra wide to give you even more wrist stability. The rubber puller allows you to quickly wear and remove the lifting wrist straps. Comfortable right? If you disagree, let us know!

  • Insanely Durable Design

    You get Complete Satisfaction with these long lasting Weight Lifting Hooks. It is manufactured with the best materials for maximum durability. The Double Stitching, Heavy-Duty Solid Steel Hooks, and the Industrial-Grade Velcro Straps make sure the product won't start ripping or breaking down.

  • Increase Strength & Techniques

    Improve your technique and perform many exercises (deadlifts, shrugs, rows) with these secure and comfortable workout hook gloves. These lifting hooks provide you assistance while lifting, so you can gradually increase the weights you're using. Enjoy bigger gains and sustained workout routines!

  • Get An Enhanced Grip

    Slipping of bars is often a problem that occurs with weight lifting wrist hooks, but not with this one! The hooks are covered with a non-slip resistance coating that will give you a superior grip. The wrist wrap also improves your form and helps properly aligning your wrist.

  • One Size Fits All

    Forget about taking measurements and going through the trouble of getting the perfect fit. The industrial-grade fastening straps of these Weight Lifting Wrist Straps with hooks allow you to tighten or loosen it easily. The fully adjustable Velcro helps you with securing the straps in position.

  • Protect Your Hands From Rips & Tears

    When fatigue kicks in, your grip fails, which can cause any heavy weight lifting bars to slip from your hand and cause rips and tears in your skin. These Weight Lifting Hooks keeps the bar from coming in contact with your skin to prevent excessive damage to the skin during lifts.

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#1 lifting hooks

Great in preventing wrist strain & tennis elbow

Exactly what I needed to keep training with a wrist injury

How To Use Lifting Hooks

How To Use Lifting Hooks

How To Use Lifting Hooks

How To Use Lifting Hooks

How To Use Lifting Hooks

How To Use Lifting Hooks

Ask Us Anything

It has 4 inches long and 8mm wide hooks.

Yes! One of the benefits of using lifting hooks is that they protect your wrists!

They can handle up to 300lbs!

Yes indeed they are! You can adjust the strap according to your wrist.

They are made in Pakistan.

Weightlifting hooks should only be used for pull exercises such as deadlifts, shrugs, barbell rows, and cable rows. The purpose of these hooks is to essentially “lift” the weight, therefore they cannot be used for push exercises such as bench presses, lateral raises, shoulder presses, and other similar exercises.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 425 reviews
Comfortable and Durble

I've purchased several DMoose products -- all are made extremely well, strong stitching and comfortable. The Weightlifting Hooks are no exception, and grip various bars quite readily and securely. Allows continuing reps after the grip has failed.

Love them!

I should have ordered these years ago. I have had tight forearms for a few years which has caused golfer's elbow. This product has give my forearms a MUCH needed break from gripping barbells, dumbbells, etc. I have used these for bent over barbell rows, dumbbell rows, deadlifts, and pull ups!! They work better than I was expecting in all of the movements. If you suffer from elbow tendonitis from Crossfit, workouts, etc, you need to get these!!

It takes a lot of pressure off your hands when lifting!

Great support for your wrist! My husband loves it!

So far my favorites!!!!

Those metal grips made of a thick cushion, yet they are very soft to touch. They fit extremely well around my wrist and give an awesome strong grip and support! Easy to use and very very comfortable, yet give you great support. They feels like they have been Custom made for my hands. I’m very happy I got them! “Must have” Item in everyone’s gym bag.

Fine, I'll be more kind about my review... sort of!

I was wanting an item that would help me do relaxed shoulder hangs. For that purpose it works... okay. If this product "wow'd" me, I would have said so long ago. The product was more in the realm of 'meh'. Couldn't say I gave much care one way or the other. The real issue I had was with the folks selling it (Moose of the D). They were off putting with the amount of enduring intensity used to get this review. If a customer has no desire to review your item, you shouldn't send them 4 emails trying to get them to do so. This is a cheap after-though item in my life. If I had known it would come with sooo many irritating messages, I simply wouldn't have purchased it.

These folks seemed thirstier than my last three girlfriends, combined.

*UPDATE: I received a fifth message from these folks after I left this review. I was on the fence if I should go the 'one-star' direction, or take good humor from the situation and wish these folks well. I figure leaving a truthful review is still fair, though I'm now giving the product 5-stars, because... well, I get to do what I want and I don't wanna act like some lame, troll-ish, hater. I was also told they, the sellers, that they would throttle back messages to buyers in the future, which should help put other anti-social fitness freaks fears to rest.

Also, I'm a scrawny (135 lb, 6 foot tall) gent, that could only ever dream of using these things as intended. I bought these items with the full knowledge that they would very possibly not be ideal for my purposes (which was NOT the listed use). This was a large part of the reason I was trying to avoid reviewing this item in the first place.


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