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  • Strong Hands, Steady Grip

    Don't worry about straining your muscles due to weak hands. Exerciser increases blood circulation in your hands, wrist, and forearms. Wrist forearm strengthener is used in training to increase handgrip and to make your workouts more intense.

  • Withstand More Pain

    Do you often stop working out due to wrist ache? Get an easy-to-use Wrist forearm strengthener to increase pain endurance in hands and forearms. Exerciser helps you in resistance training and increases your pain bearing levels. Lift higher weights using a forearm grip strengthener in your exercises!

  • Your Personal Physical Therapist

    Did you know? Using a wrist exerciser reduces your chances of getting carpal tunnel! A wrist strengthener works as a pain reliever and helps you cure wrist strains. The amazing wrist grip strengthener also increases muscle strength, so future wrist injuries are prevented. It increases hand control and wrist mobility.

  • Heavy Weightlifting, Much Better Workouts

    It’s a known fact that improving wrist and hand muscles allow you to carry heavier weights. This gives you a sense of satisfaction in your workouts. The wrist strengthener enables you to do more intense workouts than your usual routine. You can now gain more with this one product in your gym!

  • Incredibly Helpful To All

    An interesting thing about this product is that it's not specific to one type of profession. The Handgrip wrist strengthener strengthens your hands and benefits in performing even day to day activities, like opening a jar! It doesn't matter if you're a surgeon, golfer, or boxer; this product is for you.

  • High Durability And Super Comfortable

    Providing the best quality is our promise to you. The product handles are durable, made with a non-slip material so they will not slip off your sweaty hands. The premium quality material also ensures not to tear your skin after long hours of usage. Workout much better and buy a wrist strengthener now to use it in your gym!

Ask Us Anything

The detailed answer is up on the website for everyone to see and understand. After understanding the basic mechanics of setting it up, you have to attach a load and start working your wrist.

Along with your weight load, the whole wrist exerciser weighs 3.1 pounds.

The maximum weight the rope can support is 120 pounds.

You can put on multiple different sizes of plates according to your endurance levels ranging from the smallest to 120lbs.

The outer diameter of the bar is 4.13 inches, and its length is 6.9 inches.

It is very simple to understand after you go through the instructions on setting it up on the website.

You can use both the plates as long as they’re not too heavy for you or the wrist exerciser.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
A space and money saver for two movements

This does a good job at two tasks.
The major movement with the bar in the middle is less comfortable that the alternative that I showed in my picture.
Although removing the middle bar and using it in that manner does offer a bit of a unique movement compared to my current implements.
Also it didnt come with anything to attach the weights to the clip.

Easy Wrist exercise

I'm currently adding equipments to my home gym and liked this one, since this targets a specific area, WRIST. I wanted to keep specific target equipments instead of a general purpose home gym.

Pros -
* Economical and Easy Wrist Exercise at home

Cons -
* Nothing yet, will be updating after few weeks of usage if there're any.

Rugged and optimized.

Another heavy duty piece of exercise equipment by DMOOSE. This is a great forearm trainer that can handle a heavy load! The balanced handles make it easy to get a balanced workout.

you can feel the burn only after the first few minutes

The exerciser is highly efficient. The attached clip makes adding weight very simple. You can feel the burn from the very start. very good for the price

Love it.

Before I found this on Dmoose I had sawed a two foot section off of a wooden mop, drilled a hole through it and fed a rope through the hole, tied a knot on one side and tied a weight to the other. I am so happy I found this. It is so much sturdier than my home made contraption. I have had no problems with it.


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