Product Description

  • Close view of a strong man doing wrist exercise with DMoose wrist strengthener

    Strong Hands, Steady Grip

    Don't worry about straining your muscles due to weak hands. Exerciser increases blood circulation in your hands, wrist, and forearms. Wrist forearm strengthener is used in training to increase handgrip and to make your workouts more intense.

  • Withstand More Pain

    Do you often stop working out due to wrist ache? Get an easy-to-use Wrist forearm strengthener to increase pain endurance in hands and forearms. Exerciser helps you in resistance training and increases your pain bearing levels. Lift higher weights using a forearm grip strengthener in your exercises!

    A tattooed man doing wrist strengthening exercise using DMoose Wrist strenthener
  • A man holding DMoose wrist strengthener for wrist exercise

    Your Personal Physical Therapist

    Did you know? Using a wrist exerciser reduces your chances of getting carpal tunnel! A wrist strengthener works as a pain reliever and helps you cure wrist strains. The amazing wrist grip strengthener also increases muscle strength, so future wrist injuries are prevented. It increases hand control and wrist mobility.

  • Heavy Weightlifting, Much Better Workouts

    It’s a known fact that improving wrist and hand muscles allow you to carry heavier weights. This gives you a sense of satisfaction in your workouts. The wrist strengthener enables you to do more intense workouts than your usual routine. You can now gain more with this one product in your gym!

    A man wearing gloves is performing wrist exercise using Dmoose wrist strengthner
  • A young man is doing forearm wrist exercise with DMoose wrist Strengthener

    Incredibly Helpful To All

    An interesting thing about this product is that it's not specific to one type of profession. The Handgrip wrist strengthener strengthens your hands and benefits in performing even day to day activities, like opening a jar! It doesn't matter if you're a surgeon, golfer, or boxer; this product is for you.

  • High Durability And Super Comfortable

    Providing the best quality is our promise to you. The product handles are durable, made with a non-slip material so they will not slip off your sweaty hands. The premium quality material also ensures not to tear your skin after long hours of usage. Workout much better and buy a wrist strengthener now to use it in your gym!

    A man lifting weight with DMoose wrist strengthener

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Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Nicholas Rowe
Easy Wrist exercise

I'm currently adding equipments to my home gym and liked this one, since this targets a specific area, WRIST. I wanted to keep specific target equipments instead of a general purpose home gym.

Pros -
* Economical and Easy Wrist Exercise at home

Cons -
* Nothing yet, will be updating after few weeks of usage if there're any.

Just what I needed

This was the last critical piece that allows me to work my forearms completely added to my repertoire of other exercises

Alex Wright
Works well, has some flaws

All together, it works as well as any of the other dozens of similar devices with the added plus of the second grip option. It's not perfect though.

The dual grip is pretty nice, but the tab little clip snapped off immediately. I did notice there is a spare included, so it seems that's a known issue. The tab isn't actually necessary and could probably be cut back and still work well, without the risk. But I'm not sure how specific to my fingers that is.

I did cut myself on the metal clip that goes through the weight as it's quite sharp. I'm pretty sure I'll survive but it was annoying to get bit by the thing. Would be nice if that was filed down a bit.

The plastic wheel feels very brittle. I have fairly thick mats down on my home gym, so I'm not worried, but it seems like it may break if dropped on a rigid surface.

Bob Carter
Forearm wrist strengthener....

Works Great! Even though there are many similar types on the market, .... I have to admit this designed version from DMoose is far superior in design, versatility, and construction. It works perfectly in all aspects. The removable spindle handle with red grips is a great idea, so one has the ability to grab the knurled wheels to work wrist and other areas of your forearm. The added carabiner is a nice touch too! ... and the price is right! (Says, Bob Barker of Let's Make a Deal! Lol) ... Don't think twice! Order yours today! Happily Bob Carter

Added grip tape because the wheel is too slippery. 5-star reviewers don't sweat apparently...

This is one of the few times I get annoyed with other reviewers. There's so many 5-star reviews for this product that it confounds me. It is a perfectly okay product. Meaning maybe 4-stars. I will tell you why I give it only 3.But first, I'm going to directly accuse all of my 5-star besties of not properly using progressive overload with this grip product. Don't worry 5-star besties, I still love you. Moving on, I started with 5lbs on the wheel exercise. Within two weeks I was up to 10lbs. Things are going great at this point. But I'm noticing that the wheel is getting harder to control. I have to wipe off my fingers every couple of reps. In spite of that, I quickly got to the point where I could wheel up-and-down a 10lb plate 10 times before I ended up with an awkward, limp-handshake grip.Now here's where things start to get crazy. I can do 20lbs/9kg reps. I have the grip strength to make that wonderful, pickle-jar twist with a 20lb weight. But WAIT! What's this? My little finger is collapsing under my ring finger. And my ring finger is receding from the wheel! OH NO-The wheel falls...The sudden shriek from the weight plates causes me to jump back. Disheartened, I call on myself to try again.The wheel falls...It turns out that I have the strength to manage the 20lb weight, but only if my hands are completely dry. I find that to be an unreasonable design flaw in how the wheel is corrugated and/or perhaps the type of plastic used. That brings me back to all of the 5-star reviews I perused before spending $50 on this sturdy, yet slippery, forearm tool. Do they not sweat? Am I a garbage, overly-sweaty human? Oh, the mental anguish this product has caused me.How could all of these fellow customers be so enamored with this product for me to find myself as an anomaly?It must be the sweat. It has to be. If I can "dry" grip a 20lb rep with comfortable effort, then it can't be a strength issue, can it?No. It has to be the sweat. My sweat.My sweat is a curse.My sweat is sin...Worry not my 5-star friend. I have committed to bettering myself. I will forego the efforts of strengthening my grip. I will put my efforts into a much more meaningful venture.I will learn how to not sweat.I will become sweatless.Sinless.So, anyway, I don't like that I had to spend an extra $10 on tape to get this $50 product to work properly. But there aren't any other tools like this one as far I can tell. I think that if the corrugated divots in the wheel were more substantial, I wouldn't be having an existential crisis.Thank you for reading,Ky

Great tool for your muscles

Works great for plates. I also can use for triceps behind the head. and Biceps curls. Awesome piece of equipment

Great for fingers and hands - not a great wrist roller

As a wrist roller, it's pretty poor design in that the hard, slippery plastic actually has grooves going in the direction you have to roll, so it's almost as if it's designed to slip. It's fine at low weights, but you will reach a point where it's hard to maximize the effect on the forearm because the thing is so slippery due to poorly oriented grooves in the handles.Before you say "on to the next" - it's FANTASTIC once you pop the handle off and use the wheel portion of it to strengthen fingers and hand (and forearm). I'm sure it's not as good as the Rogue fitness metal version that's more than double the price (and possibly worth it - can't say) but it's pretty good at this function.It's a basic 1 use tool for me. For wrist rolling I'd honestly get something else - make sure it has grooves running perpendicular to the angle you're rolling (pointing from the middle of the device outward to its sides). But for finger and hand strength, this can REALLY help you challenge your hands and wrists.I'm new to it so my gains are exponential right now - I'm sure they'll level out in another week or two. But for now it almost feels like I'm breaking my hands when I use it. It's not painful but there is so much torque and force being produced by the musculature of my palm (supported by my wrists and forearms, of course) that my hand feels like a machine that's being overused.Squeezing this wheel in my hand really engages all the muscles in my palm and thumb and fingers and is really making my hands feel calmer, stronger, more stable, more durable. I think it almost deserves a 5/5 but since it double bills itself as a wrist roller and it's such a poor one, I deducted one star.

Mark T
Great forearm workout!

I have purchased a few DMoose products now, and i love them all. Perfect forearm workout twister - very easy to set up and use, and you get great workout from it that burns the forearms.

Questions & Answers

Ask Us Anything

The detailed answer is up on the website for everyone to see and understand. After understanding the basic mechanics of setting it up, you have to attach a load and start working your wrist.

Along with your weight load, the whole wrist exerciser weighs 3.1 pounds.

You can put on multiple different sizes of plates according to your endurance levels ranging from the smallest to 120lbs.

The outer diameter of the bar is 4.13 inches, and its length is 6.9 inches.

It is very simple to understand after you go through the instructions on setting it up on the website.

You can use both the plates as long as they’re not too heavy for you or the wrist exerciser.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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