Warranty Information

We make our products to last through your toughest workouts. When you buy from us, you're getting the DMoose guarantee. We're proud of our weightlifting gear and accessories, and we think you'll love what we offer.

If by some chance you find a manufacturing mistake in any item (like broken stitching or other damages when you receive it), you can send it back to us for a free replacement within the time frame we've laid out in the 'covered' section below. You can also sign up for your product below so we can keep track of it and help you quicker if there's a problem.


10MM Lever Belt Lifetime
10MM Weightlifting Belts (all colors) Lifetime
5MM Powerlifting Belt Lifetime
4" Leather Belt Lifetime
Nylon Weightlifting Belt Lifetime
Neoprene Weightlifting Belt Lifetime
Dip Belt with Chain Lifetime

What Is Not Covered

Just a heads up, any item from our store could lose its warranty if it gets damaged (whether that's from not being careful, using it wrong, or just regular use), changed, not taken care of, stored poorly, or mishandled. If you're not happy with a DMoose product, we'll look into the specific situation. The warranty doesn't cover products that are damaged or delivered with defects because of:

  • Accidents, misuse, or abuse
  • Changes made to the product
  • Normal wear and tear*
  • Assembly with the wrong tools

Because of shipping and return costs, all kettlebell sales are final and aren't covered for any damages or defects. We check our inventory by hand for quality and consistency, so there's a small chance of noticeable issues with our kettlebells. *Normal wear and tear (like small scratches or slight color fading) are signs of age that come with years of use and aren't covered by the warranty. We don't accept returns for these reasons or similar situations. Clothing items (like shirts, tanks, and shorts) aren't covered under the warranty. If you need a different size or want to exchange something, visit our returns center.

How To Get In Touch

We put a lot of care into making our products with the best materials and stand by how well they work. If you find a manufacturing mistake and want a quick replacement, email us at support@dmoose.com. Include your order number and pictures of the problem. We'll do our best to get back to you and solve the problem as quickly as possible

Disclaimed Warranties

This warranty replaces any other promises or guarantees, whether they're said or written. By law, we're not making any other guarantees, including ones about the product's quality, if it's fit for a certain use, or if it doesn't infringe on intellectual property rights. To learn more, check out our full terms and conditions.