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  • Ideal Gripper for All

    The fabulous fat grips have a slit on one side which enables you to pull it open and fit tightly around barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bars. This product is a game-changer that will help you take your training to the next level. The anti-slip and rugged bar promotes a secure, reliable hold.

  • Tight and Firm Grip

    Don’t let the simplicity fool you- the bigger diameter of fat grips for the forearm force your arms to grow extra fast. Fat grips activate the muscles that lead to an increase in muscle size and strength gains. It is a secret tool for performing bicep curl anywhere and anytime.

  • Unlocks Muscle Gains

    Fat grips for dumbbells enable you to engage your hands and forearms extensively. They enhance muscle activity and strengthen your upper arms, shoulders, and chest as you curl weights to your shoulders. You can comfortably hold bars without getting hurt. It also improves posture and hand endurance.

  • Get Big Biceps for a lifetime

    The best fat grips for the gym double the size of regular bars and turn your workout into extreme muscle-building training. Fat grips create less stress on joints, fewer injuries, fewer imbalances, and recruit more muscle fibers.

  • Full Body Core Strength

    With fat grip training, you can spice up your bi and tri muscles. The super fat grip is fully portable and gets conveniently installed in seconds. It is the ultimate solution to build triceps muscle fast and improve grip strength.

  • No Replacement of the Genuine Grips

    The premium quality fat grips for sale are made up of highly durable rubber material that doesn't compress or budge under heavyweight. The ideal grip prevents the bar from sliding off your sweaty shoulder during fitness exercise. You only need to buy fat grips bar online, and you're good to build muscles forever.

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Huge difference in your workout

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How To Use Thick Bar Grips

How To Use Thick Bar Grips

How To Use Thick Bar Grips

How To Use Thick Bar Grips

Ask Us Anything

Yes, our exceptional Fat Grips allow you to increase your grip strength to unlock hidden gains. A stronger grip allows you to lift more weight and bear down on the bar, which builds more muscle and strength.

Yes, training with DMoose Fat Grips aids you in strengthening your grip, hands, and forearms. By eliminating the weak links, you unlock bigger strength and muscle increases in your whole body.

The DMoose Fat Grips bar has a diameter of 5.72cm.

Forget about grippers, forearm extensions, or forearm curls and focus on your training solely. Open the slit and push them over your bar. You only need to put them on your bars and workout like normal. When you're done, slip them off. You'll feel the difference immediately.

It is preferable to use Fat Grips when you are performing pull exercises like rows and deadlifts. By increasing surface area in your hands, the fat grips disperse the focused load amount in your palm and the corresponding joints (wrist, elbow, and shoulder). By distributing weight evenly, it makes for a press that involves much less pressure on the joints.

Yes, an essential improvement in biceps curls could put bigger gains within your grasp. Fat grips force you to grip the weights effectively and spurs new muscle growth in your upper-body.

Yes, because with Fat Grips, you're doing functional grip training. You're improving your grip simultaneously as bench pressing, overhead pressing, deadlifting, rowing while making these exercises massively more effective.

Yes, Fat Grips fit most dumbbells, pull-up bars, and cable attachments, doubling the greater arm and grip strength test's thickness. Without fat grips, standard bars feel like toothpicks.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Good quality great price awesome company

Everyone has heard of Fat Gripz, which is why they cost twice as much as these DMoose grips. Let me assure you, after spending a lot of time comparing the options and reading the reviews, and especially after several workouts with these grips..... BUY THEM, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.

I used them for curls, barbell rows, pull ups and preacher curls. Had a great workout and the targeted muscled AND my forearms were more sore than usual the next day (and the next day after that).

I have also used the company's weight lifting hooks/grips and they are AWESOME for back day.

For reference I have been bodybuilding for 18 years on and off, and I am currently 6'4" 250 lbs. I am no expert, but I do have some background on working out and building muscle, and I am very happy overall with this brand and this product.

Target those muscles!

It may take you a while to get used to using these grips; it took me a couple of workouts. Once you do, it definitely targets the muscles you are working on whether it is biceps or chest or others. This is an excellent tool to make sure you are working the muscles you intended to work out.

They work wonders!!!!

I’ve been working out for years , I’ve used every type of equipment there is , I’m mean everything !! I stared using fat grips for about 2 weeks now . They are by far the most amazing piece of equipment I have used in the past 40years , they work wonders ! I would recommend every person that wants true gains to use them as part of there workout routine !!!

really high quality

Was hesitant to buy these actually, but when I got it I immediately noticed how high quality these grips were! It has some weight but just good enough. fits perfectly in the dumbbell handle - I hated the metal handle as when my palms are sweaty my hands become unstable and this solves that issue for me. I'll probably get more of this as my other equipments arrive. Highly recommend.

Excellent - Well Worth the Money - Just as good as Fat Gripz

These are much better then the tiny cheaper lite blue ones found on dmoose for $13-15.

I had Fat Gripz in the past and these DMoose Grips are just as good and for only $19.99.
The blue color is darker then they appear to be in the add but still a nice navy blue color.

They are Excellent and i highly recommend them - Would definitely buy them again.


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