shoulder workouts help you achieve the perfect shoulder-to-waist ratio you've always wanted to have. These shoulder workouts get you those brawnier shoulders you've always wanted.


Seated Rear Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Exercise Description Main Target Muscles Shoulders Secondary Target Muscles Triceps, Middle Back Force Type Pull Workout Type Strength Training Gym Gear Dumbbell, Flat Bench Fitness Level Intermediate Compound/Isolated Isolated Target Muscles: Shoulders, Triceps, Middle Back Seated Rear Dumbbell Lateral Raise Overview Rear lateral raise is among the exercises that promote the rear deltoids' strength and hypertrophy (growth in size). It is also known as the bent-over lateral raise. You can find these little muscles on the backs of your shoulders. Rear lateral raises enhance good posture and facilitate both everyday and sports activity. How to Do It? Sit on a bench while leaning slightly forward with dumbbells in your hands. Keep your palms facing one another directly under your shoulders. Maintaining your arms straight, exhale. Now raise the dumbbells to your sides and towards your upper back simultaneously with a shrugging movement. Continue until your arms become parallel to the ground, keeping them straight. Inhale and lower the dumbbells while maintaining the forward lean in your torso, returning to the starting position. Seated Rear Dumbbell Lateral Raise Tips Ensure that your back is not rounded. Extend your chest out to assist your lower back naturally arched. Breathe. When lifting dumbbells, remember to breathe out. At the top position, concentrate on tightening the shoulder blades together.

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Seated Dumbbell Front Raise

Exercise Description Main Target Muscles Shoulders Secondary Target Muscles None Workout Type Strength Training Gym Gear Dumbbell Fitness Level Beginner Compound/Isolated Isolation Power Move Pull Targeted Muscles: Shoulders Seated Dumbbell Front Raise Overview Dumbbell front raises are an excellent exercise for strengthening your arms and enhancing posture. The anterior deltoid muscles at the front of the shoulders are the objective of this exercise. Strong shoulders are necessary for proper posture, as we all know. The rotator cuff muscles, which are in charge of supporting the shoulder joint, are strengthened due to the dumbbell front raise. By stretching your chest and front of the shoulders, this exercise can also help you increase your range of motion and avoid injuries. How to Do It? Start by sitting on a bench with your feet shoulder-width apart and holding a dumbbell in each hand at arm's distance in front of you with your palms facing your thighs. Slowly raise the dumbbells to your shoulder height. Hold the dumbbells approximately 4 inches away from your body. Pause for a few seconds when you reach the top before lowering them back down to the initial position. That's one rep. Repeat for the desired number of reps. Seated Dumbbell Front Raise Tips Start from lightweights. You can increase your weight as you get comfortable. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in, and don’t swing the weights as you raise and lower them. Avoid arching your back as you lift the weights. Instead, keep your spine in a neutral position.

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Machine Side Lateral Raises

Exercise Description Main Target Muscles Shoulders Secondary Target Muscles None Workout Type Strength Gym Gear Machine Fitness Level Beginner Compound/Isolated Isolated Power Move Push Target Muscle: Shoulders Machine Side Lateral Raises Overview Side lateral raise is a powerful shoulder-strengthening exercise that targets the lateral head of the deltoid muscles in the shoulder. When done frequently, this can aid in developing stronger, wider shoulders. You only need a couple of light dumbbells or a machine and enough shoulder range of motion to abduct your arms, which involves moving the weights out and away from your body until they create a "T" shape at your shoulders. How to Do It? Start by choosing the weight you want to utilize on the stack of a lateral raise machine. Sit facing the machine with your feet flat on the floor and about shoulder-width apart. Adjust the seat height. Grip the handles while securing your arms to the cushion. Look directly forward. Now is the time to start the exercise. Push the weight until your forearms are just above parallel while keeping your elbows bent and moving at the shoulders. At the movement's peak, tighten your shoulders, then slowly start decreasing the weight while utilizing the same semicircle motion you used to elevate it. Repeat as many times as needed. Machine Side Lateral Raises Tips The form is more crucial than weight in this isolated exercise, so keep it in check. Use the tight form to keep the delts working. Use your entire range of motion. Throughout the movement, maintain as much body stillness as possible, moving only your shoulders.

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