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Machine Reverse Fly

Machine Reverse Fly
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Target Muscle Group: Shoulders and Traps

Machine Reverse Fly Overview 

The machine reverse fly is a machine version of the bent-over dumbbell reverse fly. It targets the shoulder rear delt muscles.

The machine reverse fly can be used to isolate the rear delt muscles and stabilize the core. Rear delts are often an underactive and lagging muscle group. Therefore, it is important to train them in your workout program.

How to Do It

  1. While seated, face the fly machine with your chest against it and your torso in front of the handles.
  2. Reach forward and grab each handle with a neutral or pronated grip.
  3. Contract your rear delts while keeping your elbows bent. Then open your arms in a reverse fly motion.
  4. Slowly lower your handles to their original position.
  5. Repeat until you reach the desired number of reps.

Machine Reverse Fly Tips

  1. You should ensure that the movement is entirely by the upper arm, moving in the shoulder socket, and not scapular retract.
  2. The shoulder blades should not move drastically - there might be some retraction, but nothing too dramatic.
  3.  Do not allow your head to protrude forward while wide open your arms.

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