Product Description

  • A strong man with big muscles lifting dumbbells using DMoose arm blaster

    Your Biceps' Best Companion

    Specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of your arm blaster curls, be it barbell or dumbbell curls. Targeting and isolating the bicep muscles is the utmost vital part of any bicep workout routine. Our arm blaster makes sure you continue your textbook style bodybuilding regime!

  • Easiest Way To Build Bigger Bump

    Do you struggle to achieve a mighty bicep bump despite all the strenuous effort? No more worries! Our bicep arm blaster urges you to maintain a fixed position and carry a manageable weight, making it easier to concentrate on the arm workout and witness a Chris Hemsworth-like bump within some time!

    Close view of bodybuilder with big muscle wearing DMoose arm blaster
  • A bodybuilder demonstrating use of DMoose arm blaster by weightlifting

    Remarkable Strength Capacity

    The Arm Blaster by DMoose is perfect for anyone looking to increase their strength capacity and achieve toned arms. This bicep and triceps workout tool is durable steel and features a remarkable strength capacity, making it perfect for even the most hardcore athletes. With its comfortable fit, the Arm Blaster is ideal for those looking to achieve serious results during their workouts. Tone your arms today with the Arm Blaster by DMoose!

  • Say Goodbye To Swinging Elbows

    While working out, it is quite common for your elbows to go out of position. Flared elbows result in a lousy posture and ineffective training! An arm blaster allows you to get in the habit of keeping your elbows close to your sides, eliminating all the swinging.

    Close view of bodybuilder wearing DMoose arm blaster
  • A heavy Bodybuilder using DMoose arm blaster for weightlifitng

    Achieve Core Stability And Herculean Muscles

    The best way to increase the tension in muscles is to overload them. Since using an arm blaster keeps you and your elbows in a fixed position, it becomes challenging to remove muscles' tension. Hence, fulfilling the requirement of progressive overload and paving your way towards Herculean muscles!

  • Overall Body Power Elevator

    Now, who wouldn't fall in love with a multitasking product? Our arm blaster not only focuses on the effective building of your robust arm muscles but also elevates your overall body strength. It mainly focuses on your upper body muscles' strength, which helps you carry out daily tasks with ease.

    A bodybuilder is showing his black DMoose arm blaster