• A bodybuilder doing triceps workout using DMoose premium dip belt

    Increase muscle mass

    Weighted dip belts have immense potential for increasing muscle mass on the upper body. This exercise can also pave your way for better bench press workout. Moreover, you can use it for kinetic chain exercise to focus a particular area in your body building.

  • No supervision is needed

    For bench press normally you wait for a coach or a friend to be there to support for safety precautions. However, there is no supervision needed for dip belt workout sessions, even while you are using weight plates on the dip belt.

    A woman doing squats with DMoose weighlifting belt
  • A fit woman doing workout with premium dip belt

    Relief to elbows and shoulders

    The weight dipping belt utilizes neutral grip, providing greater relief to the shoulders and elbows. Hence, if you have pain or soreness in your shoulders, you will be able to continue with your exercise without impacting your shoulders or elbows.

  • Aggressive pull-ups and chin-ups

    Pull-ups and chin-ups are known for shaping our torso. However, they reach a bottle neck and get boring when you are unable to increase intensity. A dip belt with a chain for pull-ups allows you to add weight plates to increase the intensity.

    A bodybuilder with tattoo on his body doing pull ups using DMoose dip belt
  • A man lifting weight while doing squats using DMoose weighlifting belt

    Increased stability

    Dips require a great amount of stability and balance. The belt for weighted dips increases the stability in shoulders, arms, and hands as you increase the intensity of weights in your workout.

  • Hard-core bodybuilding accessory

    Overall, it is the need of every bodybuilder, whether, beginner or professional, interested in weightlifting. The high-quality dip belts for sale are going away fast on such low prices. Order one for yourself!

    A bodybuilder Lifting weight using DMoose weighlifting belt

Why Choose DMoose


Ask Us Anything

Dip belt is a secret tool to add a weight plate during a bodyweight exercise like chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, and squats to build your core, shoulders, and arms. If lifting your bodyweight is no longer a challenge, then dip belt is here to maximize your tricep dips, chin-ups, squats, calf raises, and more for bigger gains!

Wrap the belt around your waist. Drop the end with a carabiner through the loop. Ensure that you don't miss this step of dropping it through and allowing the belt to tighten as more resistance is added. Drop through, wrap around your weight, and then clip on to the other side. If you missed that step, the belt would always stay loose, open, and increase the risk of weight falling.

Begin with wrapping Dip Belt around your waist, then post it through the buckle. Put it tight, then wrap it around the weight and let it dangle. Hook it against itself anywhere along the chains. Wrap the cord around the thin part of the dumbbell ad you are all set to make the most of your workout with the DMoose Dip Belt.

Yes! Using the best Dip Belt, you unload the spine and put all of the stress on your legs during squats. This equipment is great for people with back or upper-body injuries who still want to load up their squats.

The ideal DMoose Dip Belt holds approximately 200lbs, making itself a great belt for passionate weight lifters. Good lifting!

To add weight to the dip belt, unclip the chain. Then reclip the chain to the belt. Check that the chain is clipped properly before training. Support the weight and chain as you slowly stand. Suspend the weight plate on the chain and hang between your legs. Use a dip belt on a dipping machine, grab the bar with a knuckle-out grip, and push yourself up to the starting position. During this position, you keep your back straight and your arms fully extended. Lean forward slightly with your legs at a 90-degree angle from the floor, inhale ad lower yourself, bending up the elbows, using biceps to control movement. Do not overstretch. Switch to your starting position and exhale, pausing at the top on the locked arms keeping your form in alignment.

No! The DMoose Dip belt is ideal for wrapping a dumbbell, kettlebell, plate and doing weighted pull-ups.

Yes! It is a proven fact that the Dip Belt enables you to get bigger gains and build strength most safely and efficiently.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.
















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Customer Reviews

Based on 1242 reviews
Charlie Davies
Good belt. No complaints.

Good belt. Thought the chain would be too short. Nope. It is long enough.

Highest quality chain-belt I’ve used.

Can’t say much more. Gets the job down for weighted pull-ups.

With the cost. Priced just right.

Madison Iqbal
Works for me

Functions as advertised. Overall brilliant product. Just try not to lead the chain through the weight using the carabiner, rather use the links as this will ensure your product can last as long as possible. (Heard about someone else’s carabiner breaking and thought this may be an alternative).

Benjamin Hyde
Don’t ask for lighter weight, ask for bigger shoulders.

Are you looking for the gains? Let’s make this simple, stupid. Got weights? Check! Got a weight belt? Probably not if you’re looking at this review. Let me tell you this is a easy simple way to get onboard the gain train. Slap this puppy on and throw on a 45lb and start pulling your lifeless body from this hell we call earth and launch your sorry ass into the heavens. Maybe not a pull up guy/girl? Tough nut! You better start and while you’re at it drag your ass to the dip bar and let your muscles scream at you while you push your chesticles into another dimension. Working out doesn’t have to be for intellectuals. It just needs to be simple and this is the way.

Robert Badstein
Solid product. Great price.

Belt is great so far. Yesterday was my first time using it. I’m 6’1” 210 with a 32/33 inch waist and the belt fit very well. It’s a little stiff but I think it will break in and loosen up and the stiffness didn’t cause any issue with my training. Thanks for the solid product at a reasonable cost.


Bought this as a gift for my husband for christmas this year. It arrived on complaints there.
The belt fit great and looked complaints there either. The only problem is that if you look at the pictures, the clip is rusted through. Have not even used this belt once due to the clip is rusted, and I don't trust that it is safe and won't break while having over 100 lbs of plates hanging while my husband is doing dips.
This belt is brand new and was rusted when I pulled it out of the package. The note enclosed inside of my package stated that if I had any issues to contact the company and they would fix the issue to my full satisfaction. I have emailed the company and no response or attempt to rectify the situation as of yet. Hopefully I can get a response soon so my husband can use his gift.

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