• A woman doing workout wearing DMoose lower body training band

    Get A Full Body Exercise!

    Sculpt and tone your glutes, hamstrings, and calves to perfection with these booty bands! Even though the name “Hip Circles” denotes this fitness accessory is meant to target the lower body, it is also useful for specific upper body exercises! Easily get a full-body exercise with just these hip bands!

  • Prioritize Comfort Above All

    Enjoy max comfort and security with the high-quality premium elastic cotton manufacture of the hip circles. The non-slip rubber on the inside ensures the product won't slide down during a workout. Achieve the best results fast these hip resistance bands. Never compromise your comfort for anything, and enjoy the best with these hip bands!

    A woman doing squats in gym while wearing DMoose hip resistance band
  • A woman doing squats while wearing DMoose hip resistance band

    High-Quality, Durable, and Reliable!

    These Hip Circles won’t lose shape or elasticity. The high-quality elastic cotton material with a tear-resistant coated finish ensures that the bands don’t rip. Maximum durability and security are provided with the dual-stitching! These hip circle bands are designed to last you a long time!

  • Progress as You Level Up

    Available in a pack of 3 bands, these Hip Circles allow you to start from a smaller resistance level and progress. This progressive resistance option makes it perfect for everyone, from seasoned athletes to fitness newbies! Increase the difficulty level as you improve and get on your peak fitness game!

    3 Woman in different poses showing DMoose hip resistance band by wearing it
  • A woman showing DMoose hip circle band by holding in her hand

    Carry it Wherever You Want

    The Hip Circles are small and light, plus they are foldable and come with a Mesh Carry Bag. Take your fitness routine with you anywhere you go, be it your Home, Outside, Office, or even on a Vacation! Never miss out on a workout session and get some serious muscle gains.

  • Perfect for Your Home Gym

    Expand your Home Gym with this worthy addition. Add resistance to your home workout routine and intensify your Fitness Routine with the DMoose Hip Circles. Our Hip Resistance Bands' versatility makes them ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Strength Training, and Home Fitness. Buy a hip circle band and work your body to perfection!

    A woman doing exercise while lying on carpet using DMoose booty band

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Ask Us Anything

The width of hip bands is 3 inches.

Yes, you can wash them but washing them in a washer can decrease their durability. It is better if you hand wash them to wipe them with a wet rag.

The fabric hip bands usually provide more resistance than rubber bands.

Yes, they are all the same size, but all three have different resistance levels.

No, they're lightweight and travel-friendly. They come with a mesh bag to carry them around in as well.

There's not much difference. The hip bands are best for building butt, hips, and glutes muscles, while resistance bands are used to tone other body muscles.

The bands are manufactured and produced in the USA.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Simple but effective

these HIP RESISTANCE BAND are about as basic as can be, but so far work just as well and are just as comfortable as my friends' $25 opair. the only complaint is that the blue strap feels different from the red and white strap because it has a little more material but I very highly recommend these for a new lifter whos trying to get started for relatively cheap.

Eva Murphy
Great for glute activation and strengthening leg muscles

Love this. Due to COVID, I don't go to the gym. My home workout equipment stash continues to grow. It's great for glute activation - all kinds of squats and "crab walks."

Tilly Taylor
Versatile and cute workout tool

I love my hip circle bands. They are going to help me get thick eventually. They are comfortable. Each color has something to offer your workout. I highly recommend. Plus they’re cute.. for booty bands lol.

Laura Allan
Great Resistance Bands

I’ve had these bands a couple months and wanted to see how they held up before leaving a review and I can say I’m impressed. The durability and level of tension in each band is great and I would definitely recommend these.

Erin Power
Good product

The product meets expectations, came very well packaged and delivery was fast. Excellent price compared to other stores. It responded to my need.

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