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What Our customers are saying

  • Sculpt Your Lower Body to Perfection

    Easily target calf, lower leg, lower body, and even glute muscles using the ankle straps for weight machine. This gym accessory helps you tone, strengthen, and tighten muscle groups to create a leaner, more muscular body! Simply attach it to your cable machine or similar equipment, and dive into your glutes workout. Get some substantial gains with regular use!

  • Flexible, Comfortable Neoprene

    Our extra-wide ankle cuffs are made with a thick, breathable neoprene that’s gentle on sensitive skin and ensures smooth, evenly distributed pressure with every movement. Never compromise comfort for anything. Wear these ankle straps and power over your leg day with the ease they provide!.

  • Perfect Athlete Support

    The premium-grade, smart-fit ankle strap design stays in place once secured to keep it from coming undone or slipping off in the middle of a pull. It prevents rubbing or chafing skin and distributes weight evenly to keep it from digging into your ankle. Feel like a fitness god while you use these ankle straps!

  • Smart Fit that Remains Snug!

    Each cuff is also fitted with an improved fastening system and steel D-rings to support extra weights, pulls, and stretches during heavy workouts and fitness routines. This enhanced fastening system makes sure your ankle straps remain snug and never move up and down during exercise!

  • Durable, Comfortable, Easy to Use

    We use sweat-resistant, breathable neoprene ankle cuffs that are easier on your body. Build stronger, leaner muscles in your legs, core, and butt with this ankle strap for sale from DMoose. The ankle strap gym equipment helps you sculpt your lower body with customized workouts and exercises. Buy ankle straps and progressively conquer your fitness goals!

  • Wide Range of Gym Exercise Routines

    The gym ankle straps for weightlifting can be used with most standard cable systems, functional and resistance trainers, and similar equipment. Use ankle straps and efficiently perform leg extensions, leg curls, hip abductors, and glute workouts to get a productive “leg day”! Ideal for a wide range of exercises and workout routines!

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Top quality work out equipment 5 STARS ACROSS THE BOARD

I don't kick myself in the head anymore

Sturdy High Quality Product

Super Well made ankle straps

Good for isolated glute exercises

Great Ankle Straps for legs and abs

Great for leg exercises

Supportive with slight Cushion A+

Great for glute kickbacks

How To Use Ankle Straps

Ask Us Anything

Open the ankle strap by pulling the fabric fastener straps apart and then wrap the strap around your ankle with the soft side facing in toward your skin. Pull the strap through the D-ring at the end of the ankle strap and then secure the rough end of the fabric fastener to the soft side of the fastener. Clip the O-ring on the ankle strap to the pulley machine cable and start your workout! (Visual demonstration would help)

Ankle straps are only for your ankles and not the shoes!

You can attach the bands to the strap and then with the cable machine to experience more effective workouts!

You can hook your straps into a cable machine and start your workouts!

No, not at all! The ankle straps are your perfect chance to build calf, lower leg, lower body, and even glute muscles!

Not directly, but they do create stronger calves and legs, which makes your running easier!

The length is 10 inches, and the width is 4 inches.

The length of the ankle straps is 10 inches. As far as your ankles fall in this range, then yes, they can fit!

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5749 reviews
Excellent customer service and product

Excellent customer service and product. I though that based on the photograph showing a pair of ankle weights that they came as a pair and found out after only one arrived that that you have an option to order one or a pair.

Great quality. Multiple Uses.

Have 3 of these. Using them as anchors when working out with weight bands. I can wrap the ankle straps to my pull up bar or squat rack then attach the weight bands for multiple types of exercises. Arm curls, back rows, tricep extensions, chest flys, etc. I have used the straps for legs exercises and they work very well but main use is as described above. These things can def. hold a lot of weight. Great quality.

Absolutely love these! They are a little bit stiff when ...

Absolutely love these! They are a little bit stiff when first trying yo wrap them around your ankle, but I have faith that they'll bend and become a little looser. They're super secure and don't cut in anywhere around my leg or ankle. Well worth the money.


Awesome product! when you first receive the item, it's very stiff & hard! But I didn't lose hope on it so i tried it on the gym today. I find it hard to tighten up but maybe because its new and it's still stiff.. maybe with a little more use it'll be better.. so i placed it a bit higher than where it's supposed to be and made sure the tightness is right and it works amazing!! I used to use the crappy ones that my gym offers and now i can do my cable kicks with ease! Happy with my purchase!

Amazing Quality!!

I was looking for a good ankle strap so I could do the workouts I was seeing on instagram, and I came across this brand. I compared it to other rands, but dmoosefitness looked like it spent a lot of time perfecting their product! I bought a set of two, one for my boyfriend's place and one for my place. They are STURDY, and fit very well to any ankle size....not like those crappy ones just lying around in the gym! I've already reccomended these to my brother and his girlfriend, and they love it! I highly reccomend this product, and I would purchase again...but I don't think I need to, because they are so good quality!! Check out how I use them on my IG: @thisisfitlariss


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