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  • Versatile & Total-Body Strength

    If you are trying the usual skipping ropes and not getting convincing results, then you need to upgrade your tool. Weighted skipping rope provides more advanced and upgraded coordination, agility, speed, cardio fitness & endurance than ordinary skipping rope. Its heavy and powerful structure gives resistance to the muscles and brings out impressive results.

  • Promotes Quick Weight Loss

    Are you tired of regularly going to the gym and still not burning enough calories? CrossFit weighted jump rope engages more muscles while lifting and swinging it. Thus, it burns more than ten calories per minute, you expend more energy & you get more out of every jump!

  • Made With The Finest Quality

    Designed with soft and non-slip rubber handles and high strength polyester ropes, covered with nylon sleeves that prevent twisting and tangling. Heavy jump ropes provide you the overall strength and physical fitness training.

  • Boost Your Cardio Fitness

    A significant increase in mobility, range of motion, and strength is all what individuals’ greed for! Heavy jump ropes are there to fill your desire! An effective workout tool helps build cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, improve agility, coordination, quickness, and endurance.

  • Ideal For All Fitness Levels!

    Heavy jump rope for sale is good to be used by beginners to experts and men to women as it ensures speediness and develops strength and stamina. It is also ideal to use for almost any workout like foot jumps, cardio training, leg training, and much more.

  • Improves Muscle Activation Intensity!

    The heavier the jump rope, the greater the resistance, and the more impressive the result! Heavy jump ropes with the rope's weight provide much more dynamic resistance and give a far better upper body workout. Buy a weighted jump rope and get all the benefits in no time.

Ask Us Anything

Well, it depends! During high-intensity cardio, lighter jump ropes are better for speed and tricks, although when it comes to muscle and strength building, weighted jump ropes (2lb and up) are exemplary.

Generally, burning ten calories per minute is possible for an average-sized person, yet depending on jump ropes alone wouldn't be a good choice.

It is ideal to jump rope 3-5 times a week, for an effective result.

If your fitness goal revolves around strength or weight loss, weighted jump ropes will work miracles and help you get more out of every jump. It requires body strength, handwork, and upper extremity muscles to swing 1-2LB rope than a lightweight one, and so is five times as effective.

It is true that using ankle weights while jumping can improve your jumps. However, it can lead to severe repetitive motion and overuse injuries such as stress fractures and hyperextensions of the knee.

Yes! Weighted jump ropes do help you build lean muscles and helps maintain them.

If you add 20 min jump rope workout to your fitness routine, you can lose 200 extra calories; 1000 calories per week improve your weight loss boost to an additional half pound per week.

Weighted ropes are great for beginners; as the weight slows down your rotation, you can feel the rope pass under your body, making it easier to time your jumps.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Buy

This is a great product if you’re below the height of 6’7. It’s too short for me but my younger brother uses it and he enjoys it a lot. Great use for conditioning


Wow this jump rope works out my heart!!! It beats immensely just what I needed. At first I was using my wrist! Yikes that’s a big NO! Use your arms it’s a great workout for the whole body and the extra weight just makes it better for those who love challenges.

Great for a challenging workout

The weight of the rope makes exercising more challenging than a regular jump rope.

High Quality Rope

Got exactly what I ordered and quality was better than expected! Made with the excellent quality

Great for training

I wasn't sure how this rope would hold up. But after training with it a few times a week since it arrived, I can say that I am not disappointed. My goal has been to jump rope with this in 60 second intervals. So far I'm tired after 20 seconds.


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