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  • A woman showing core workout using Dmoose ab mat

    Road To A Perfect Core

    Have you been working on your core for a long time and not achieving your desired results? Using an exercise ab mat for training your core muscles will help you improve your workout efficiency and get to the finish line much quicker than before.

  • Improves Your Posture

    Pain during a workout is a significant turnoff for everyone. An Ab mat would make your training sessions more efficient and help you improve your posture while exercising. Improved posture helps eliminate pain while enhancing your workout effectiveness.

    A woman touching her feet from hands while lying on yoga mat and placing Dmoose ab mat behind her back
  • A man showing Dmoose black crossfit ab mat by placing it in between his feet

    Compact Design

    The ab mat for exercising your core is designed with the finest and the lightest weight material, ensuring portability anywhere and everywhere. Whether you are at home or the gym, you can carry the ab mat in your bag pack and leave no stone unturned when it comes to training your abs.

  • For All Fitness Levels

    If you think this ab mat is not for you because you're too far ahead in your core training, you're wrong! Be it a beginner or an advanced level trainee. Just adjusting the directions of the ab mat and your hands can give enough challenge to everyone. Look out for variations and work that core.

    A man Doing ab exercise using Dmoose ab mat
  • A bodybuilder pointing his right hand finger towards his abs and in his right holding Dmoose ab mat

    One Size Fits All

    Don't worry about measuring yourself and finding the perfect fit. The ab mat for exercising is made for training your abdominal muscles regardless of your size, so focus on that core and start crunching.

  • Diversified Workouts

    If you want to enjoy a diversified range of workouts, buy an ab mat now. Whether it's planking, crunching, sit-ups, or mountain climbers, etc., the DMoose ab mat for sale will help you achieve your perfect core dream in no time.

    A woman holding her legs up in the air while lying on ground and putting Dmoose ab mat under her back

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Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
R. A. Jordan
No more legs lifting off the floor!

My son loves this thing. He was struggling to do situps without his feet and legs moving off the floor, but this was the ticket.

Makes a Huge Difference

This mat is going to make my yoga and core classes so much more enjoyable. It is such a simple design, but it makes such a big difference.

Great purchase

Great quality. Really helps with my sit ups!

Trish Justice
I love it!

It works my abs out! I get sore so I know it’s working! I like the fee and shape of it too. It’s comfortable to use.

James Houston

Have not received it yet smh

Sara Dodero
Back support!

I finally am working on my abs with the assistance of this well thought out support. Normally my lower back, which has injuries would prevent me from doing very many reps. Now the only problem with more reps is my weak core…onward to a fitter one!

Love this!

If you have a difficult time with your form while working out your abs, this little pad helps so much! Just make sure you have it positioned correctly.

Does the job

It doesn’t move during the exercise and the extension for the tailbone is a nice addition.

Questions & Answers

Ask Us Anything

The ab mat depicts the spinal shape, allowing better support to your lower back, helping you work out without pain.

The ab mat is 2inch thick. It has a tailbone protector attached, which is 1 inch thick.

The mat is 28.5 inches long.

The ab mat is made with thick foam that will not tear or lose its shape. The covering is made with non-slip PU vinyl.

The mat is 28.5 inches long and 12 inches wide. The upper end has a thickness of 2 inches, while the tailbone protector is 1 inch thick.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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