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Landmine Lateral Raise

Landmine Lateral Raise
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Target Muscles: Shoulders

Landmine Lateral Raise Overview

The landmine lateral rise is a variation of the lateral raise that requires you to move in a relatively fixed plane of movement. It's a shoulder workout that focuses on the muscles in the shoulder.

The landmine lateral raise involves the rear delts to a little larger extent than other standing lateral raise variants.

How to Do It?

  • Stand straight with your spine stable and your feet in a squat pose.
  • With one hand, use a pronated grip to grasp the barbell to your body's front.
  • Raise your arm over your torso, retaining the elbow stretched, and stand tall at the top.
  • Drop the barbell back to the initial position slowly and steadily.
  • Repeat until the desired number of reps.

Landmine Lateral Raise Tips

  • As you elevate the barbell, ensure you are not leaning backwards.
  • Inhale as you lower the barbell and exhale as you lift it to the top of the action.
  • Try soft tissue work for the pecs and thoracic spine in case you're having shoulder soreness at the top of the action.
  • Allowing the head to lean forward considerably is not a good idea.
  • Make sure your rib cage isn't protruding and that you're not in a position of severe hyperextension.

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