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Machine Side Lateral Raises


Machine Side Lateral Raises
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Target Muscle: Shoulders

Machine Side Lateral Raises Overview

Side lateral raise is a powerful shoulder-strengthening exercise that targets the lateral head of the deltoid muscles in the shoulder. When done frequently, this can aid in developing stronger, wider shoulders.

You only need a couple of light dumbbells or a machine and enough shoulder range of motion to abduct your arms, which involves moving the weights out and away from your body until they create a "T" shape at your shoulders.

How to Do It?

  • Start by choosing the weight you want to utilize on the stack of a lateral raise machine.
  • Sit facing the machine with your feet flat on the floor and about shoulder-width apart. Adjust the seat height.
  • Grip the handles while securing your arms to the cushion. Look directly forward. Now is the time to start the exercise.
  • Push the weight until your forearms are just above parallel while keeping your elbows bent and moving at the shoulders.
  • At the movement's peak, tighten your shoulders, then slowly start decreasing the weight while utilizing the same semicircle motion you used to elevate it.
  • Repeat as many times as needed.

Machine Side Lateral Raises Tips

  • The form is more crucial than weight in this isolated exercise, so keep it in check.
  • Use the tight form to keep the delts working.
  • Use your entire range of motion.
  • Throughout the movement, maintain as much body stillness as possible, moving only your shoulders.

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