To get those strong and sexy forearms you've always wanted, use the exercises below and before you know it, people will be asking how you did it.


Barbell Wrist Curl Over Bench

Exercise Description Main Target Muscles Forearm Secondary Target Muscles None Workout Type Strength  Gym Gear Barbell Fitness Level Beginner Compound/Isolated  Isolated Power Move  Pull Target Muscle Group: Forearms  Barbell Wrist Curl Over Bench Overview The seated barbell wrist curl is a wrist curl variant and a workout that targets the forearm muscles. Simply by strengthening your grip, having strong forearms, and exercising them in different methods can help you to lift heavier weights in many workouts. How to Do it Grab a barbell shoulder-width apart with an underhand grip (palms up) and then sit down in front of a flat bench. Place your hands on the benches and kneel. Keep your wrists straight and let the barbell fall as far as you can. This is the starting position. Slowly lift the bar as high as you can, squeezing your forearm muscles at their peak. Slowly lower the barbell to its original position. Repeat for desired reps. Exercise Tips A lightweight should be used with proper technique. This exercise is not difficult if you aren't using a heavyweight. For added intensity, slow down the rep timing and pause/squeeze your forearms for two counts at the top.  Allow the weight to fall as low as possible at the bottom so you can use your full range of motion.

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Dumbbell Farmers Carry

Exercise Description Main Target Muscles Forearms Secondary Target Muscles Abs, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Quads, Shoulders, Traps, Upper Back Force Type Pull Workout Type Strength Training Gym Gear Dumbbell Fitness Level Beginner Compound/Isolated Compound Targeted Muscles: Forearms Dumbbell Farmers Carry Overview The farmers carry is a full-body workout that develops forearm, trap, and core power. Its a fundamental movement pattern you should incorporate into your workouts if you want to develop your strength to its full potential. The forearms and traps must contract isometrically for the movement to take place. It also presents a core challenge as you attempt to keep a solid spine while walking the required distance. The farmers carry can be incorporated into almost any exercise program. How to Do It? Stand up straight and hold a dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip. Hold the dumbbells by your side and walk for the allotted distance or time while keeping an active shoulder position. Dumbbell Farmer's Carry Tips Make sure to take a deep breath before starting the lift to posture your shoulders. You want to make sure that your shoulders are in a good position before lifting the weight since the weight will cause scapular depression in your shoulders. When doing a unilateral carry variation, be careful not to slant to one side while performing the exercise. Just a little shoulder shrug, Just enough to counteract the weight pulling your shoulders down, not enough to move you out of a neutral stance. To ensure a heel-toe pattern, walk slowly. Avoid letting the weight push you into overextension by stabilizing it. Don't rely on breathing to stabilize your spine; keep breathing throughout the activity.

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