• A woman doing squat  wearing DMoose resistance band

    Create The Perfect Well-toned Glutes

    Achieving perfectly toned glutes can be one of the most challenging workout goals. Since your muscles are always under tension with the resistance bands, you can tone up and strengthen your legs and glutes far more quickly! Never let your workout go in vain.

  • Elevate Your Body Strength

    Resistance bands are the key to elevating your overall body strength. Due to increased load and variable resistance, it is a handy tool for athletic training as well. So no matter if you are merely a beginner or a professional trainer, exercise resistance bands are your body power uplifters!

    A woman on yoga mat doing resistance workout of leg wearing dmoose resistance band
  • A girl showing Dmoose resistance loop bands doing thumbs up

    Extremely Lightweight And Portable

    Whether you are a gym enthusiast who likes to carry equipment everywhere around the globe or just a busy person who has no time to visit the gym, these exercise stretch bands are going to be your favorite. Being extremely lightweight, you can fit and carry them anywhere, anytime.

  • Building Muscles Has Never Been Easier

    As the product's name suggests, these bands inflict resistance in your workouts, which puts far more tension on your muscles than working out without the bands. This increase in stress allows you to effectively build your muscles, be it legs, arms, glutes, and even your core!

    A man on yellow mat doing resistance exercise with hands using DMoose resistance band
  • A woman performing bulgarian split squat using DMoose resistance band in her hands and thighs

    Multiple Resistance Levels

    These resistance bands come with five color-coded resistance levels (starting from 3 lbs and increasing till 25 lbs). Now it's up to you to select which resistance level you want to begin with. Diversify your workouts and challenge yourself to perform your best with each resistance level!

  • Significantly Reduces Injury Chances

    You can also use resistance bands for those exercises, which usually put a ton of pressure on your joints, resulting in career-ending and life-changing injuries. Get the same muscle activity, you would get with weight lifting, but without any fear of ending up out of the gym forever!

    A woman doing squat with wearing DMoose resistance band on her thighs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
DMoose fan for life

This is my second purchase from DMoose, and I have been super happy with both items. (Shoutout to YouTuber Casey Holmes who was where I first heard of the brand.) Their stuff is very reasonably priced, especially considering the great quality you get. This stuff feels so high end, seriously. You’d think it was so much more expensive than it is. Everything is so durable too - it holds up way better than the same accessories my gym purchases like this. I wish they would stock DMoose instead. My biggest hesitancy in buying a hip band that was less expensive was that it would roll down my legs as I was using it (I do not have tiny legs), but this thing does. not. budge. Super comfortable to wear too - gives great resistance without cutting into you. I like the grips on the inside as well. Again, I can’t state enough how luxe it feels. Full disclosure: I haven’t used this for months and months yet, so can’t speak to how it will hold up long term, but I am 99% sure it’ll last a long time. My other product from them (ankle straps) have zero signs of tearing or wear at all after months of use.

Jude Kaur
So glad I bought it! Excellent!

Love it! At first use I thought it might be too much resistance (bought a small based on other reviews) but it did loosen up a touch.

Squats, thrusts, lunges- activates my glutes like no other exercise!

Great customer service from the seller too!

Francesca Archer
sturdy and well made

I use the rubber resistance bands regularly and hate how they roll up and pinch or slip down -- not a problem with this product. It’s made of a thick material that doesn’t appear to be cheaply made. It provides a good level of resistance and I can definitely feel this band helps with my form on squats. I’m glad I purchased this to add to my exercise routine.

Jack Connor
Perfect work guys!!

This is made with higher quality materials! I have broken several elastic type resistance bands, but this one is more of a fabric with infused elastic and it doesn't seem like it is going to get worn out or break anytime soon. Overall, this was a fantastic buy and DMoose could easily charge as much or more than other companies charge for theirs. But it's really refreshing to see a company willing to offer a premium product for a reasonable price. I will surely be trying other DMoose products in the future!

Victoria B. Miller
Perfect size

I was worried by the size that I ordered, but definitely go by weight. The small was perfect for me (5f/5in. and 125 lbs). The bands are awesome. It really burns during my lower body exercises. Check it out!

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