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Pump Up Your Pecs With This Ultimate At-Home Bodyweight Chest Workout


Pump Up Your Pecs With This Ultimate At-Home Bodyweight Chest Workout
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Are you looking for a more sculpted chest with some ultimate pecs-pumping workout? If yes, congratulations because reading this article will get you to achieve your dream. Let me tell you that bodyweight exercises are an easy and affordable way to build up your pectoral muscles. But if doing the same traditional pushups isn't cutting it anymore, you must check on these ultimate bodyweight chest workouts.

You must have come across a list of exercises that can help you with building chest muscles, but the best part about these couple of workouts is that it targets different parts of the pecs by changing how far apart your hands or feet stand when doing push-ups, pull-ups, dips, or planks. So don't think twice. Are you sick and tired of having a weak chest?

Bodyweight chest exercises use your body weight to target your chest muscles, helping you build strength and endurance. By incorporating these exercises into your home exercise plan, you can build up your chest muscles and get the pump you want.

This blog will have you kill two birds with one stone. That means if you are looking for an easy, budget-friendly way to build chest muscles, then these convenient go-anywhere exercises can have your pectorals looking bigger in no time.

Since they require no equipment and you can perform anywhere, making them ideal for home workouts. Let's wait for no further and get started right away with how to pump up those pecs! Find your yoga mat and tie up your laces to get it started.

Best Bodyweight Workout for Chest Gains

Working out doesn't need to be complicated or require a gym, and getting fit with just bodyweight exercises is achievable! You can have strong, toned muscles without weights with this bodyweight chest workout at-home routine.

The study supports that pushups, planks, and dips are all excellent starting points that can be adjusted based on your fitness level. And if you want to zero in on specific muscle groups—like upper middle and lower chest—there's an incredible array of bodyweight exercises specifically designed for those areas too. Get smashing these moves into shape today

Ready to sculpt your chest? Step up the intensity with feet-elevated and hands-elevated press-ups. You can learn more about the details of these two exercises in the coming paras, and practicing these workouts can take your workout to an optimal level.

Another thing is that, if you change the angle of these two exercises, you can challenge your muscles. And once you push them just that little bit harder, you can reach your full potential. From increased strength and size to improved overall body fitness, combining either version into your working out doesn't need to be complicated or require a gym.

So now getting fit with just bodyweight exercises is achievable. You can have strong, toned muscles without weights with the proper chest workout routine. Let's remember our old buddy, nutrition, and supplements like muscle boosters. And also, maintaining your protein intake throughout keeps you safe from a lot of undue health-related problems.

It is seen that individuals who practice eating nutritious diets are on the verge of developing bigger muscles than those who don’t. However, adding pre-workout and post-workout supplements can do wonders for this exercise routine. Matching an intense exercise plan like this one with healthy diet choices is vital for maxing out gains in both performance AND appearance.

Feet-Elevated Press-Ups

Feet-elevated press-ups are an excellent exercise to include in the best bodyweight workout for chest gains. One of the unique features of feet-elevated press-ups is that they can help you improve strength and build muscle while engaging the core and upper body muscles, all at once.

You must have come across other exercises that are beneficial in gaining chest and losing weight but feet-elevated press-ups are an advanced bodyweight exercise that helps to build chest muscle strength and size. They involve performing a press-up with your feet elevated on a bench or other stable surface.

Wait, is it a good fit for everyone? Let me tell you that this exercise can also be adapted to suit different fitness levels. You can achieve this simply by adjusting the height of the bench to increase or decrease the difficulty.

For example, if you are looking for a beginner bodyweight chest workout, then you can start with a lower height, but once you have achieved the beginner’s strength, you can step up. Which means you can switch to a higher height. An increase in height or resistance can resultantly improve your gains.

You can also increase your range of motion, and it is almost like what happens when you do stretches. So you can increase the overall work done by chest muscles and prevent yourself from injury by increasing your range of motion. Overall it results in more significant chest gains.

Let’s see how to perform it.

How to Do It?

  • Start by placing your feet on an adjustable bench or another stable surface.
  • Then assume a regular press-up position with your feet elevated.
  • Lower your body until your chest is above the floor, hold this position.
  • Now press yourself back to the starting position.
  • Aim for a minimum of 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions for achieving desirable results.

Hands-Elevated Press-Ups

The hands-elevated press-up is essential in any bodyweight chest workout because it allows you to target the chest and triceps more effectively than a standard press-up. In a standard press-up, you are only increasing stamina, but elevating your hands against gravity adds resistance to your workout.

That is why you feel extra effort while performing hands elevated press-ups while raising and lowering. So if you are tired from habitual press-ups, this workout can leave a remarkable impression on your chest. It also helps to increase strength and build muscle in the chest and triceps.

Coming toward the number of reps, here is some good news: you can modify the number of reps depending on your fitness level. If you are a beginner, start off with minimum tolerable reps, but once you have reached the next level, you can even increase the number of sets along with the number of reps.

Hands-elevated press-ups are a bodyweight exercise that works the chest, shoulders, and triceps. In this exercise, the hands are elevated on a two boxes. It emphasizes the chest and triceps, making it an ideal exercise for chest gains.

How to Do It?

  • Start in a high plank position with your hands on two boxes and your feet on the yoga mat.
  • Lower your chest until it is just below the box height.
  • Keep your core engaged by tucking in your belly button and keeping your body in a straight line.
  • Press your body up to the starting position.
  • Perform a minimum of 8-15 repetitions for desirable results.


Bodyweight exercises are an excellent way to get sculpted pecs without investing in expensive gym equipment. This article provides a selection of ultimate chest workouts which target different parts of the pecs. There are a variety of bodyweight exercises that help with chest gains. But the two most effective and convenient at home exercises that can leave you spellbound are feet-elevated and hand-elevated press-ups.

Feet-elevated and hand-elevated press-ups are great not only for increasing strength but also a great way to build muscles. Besides that, proper nutrition is also crucial to maximizing results. So if you add protein-rich food with relevant supplements, you can achieve toned and muscular chest muscles. A one-liner for pumping pecs is that you can build your dream chest with the bodyweight chest workout circuit, supplements, and a healthy diet.

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