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Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings
Table Of Contents

Exercise Description

Main Target Muscles


Secondary Target Muscles

Abs, Adductors, Calves, Forearms, Glutes, Lats, Lower Back, Quads, Traps, Upper Back

Workout Type


Gym Gear

Kettle Bells 

Fitness Level




Power Move 


Target Muscle: Hamstrings 

Kettlebell Swings Overview

The kettlebell swing is a full-body workout that mainly targets the muscles of the posterior chain with a primary focus on the hamstrings. 

People who are new to learning the hip hinge position would find this an excellent workout. It will help them massively with several other exercises that involve the hinge, especially deadlifts. 

It strengthens your weak muscles, builds functional strength, and helps improve your posture. Regardless of the workout program that you are following, kettlebell swings can be healthy incorporation in all.

How to Do It

  • Take up a hinged position with your knees slightly bent and hold the kettlebell handle in both your hands. 
  • Make sure to keep your chin tucked and weight equally distributed around your foot. 
  • Keep your spine neutral and hike the kettlebell between your legs. 
  • Then pull the kettlebell back to the starting position by extending your hips and keeping your arms straight. 
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Kettlebell Swings Tips

  • The swing should generate hip extension as swiftly as possible.
  • Due to the weight, you will experience your toes rising but you shouldn’t allow that. Shift your weight to your heels.
  • Keep your chin tucked in, touching your chest at all times.
  • Ensure you are not keeping a false grip, keep your thumbs around the handle. 

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