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Seated Calf Raises


Seated Calf Raises
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Target Muscle Group: Calves

Seated Calf Raise Overview

The seated calves raise is an extension of the machine-calf raise. It's used to isolate the calf's muscles.

Calves can be stubborn muscles for many people. It's important to try different angles when doing calf raises. A high-frequency training program may be an option.

You can incorporate the seated calf raise into your leg exercises or full-body workouts.

How To Do It?

  1. Sit up tall in your chair, with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Bring your feet back, so your heels are behind your knees.
  3. From this position, lift your heels up off the floor, coming up onto your toes.
  4. Hold briefly and gently lower your heels back down. 
  5. Repeat for the set repetitions.

    Tips for Seated Calf Raise

    1. Slow down and keep the repetitions controlled. To emphasize contraction, limit momentum and pause at the top.
    2. If you feel any kind of stretching in the soles of your feet during this exercise, limit the depth of your heels.
    3. Move through the ball of your foot, not the base of your toes.

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